Preschool classes at Spanish With Sarah are taught in Spanish Immersion. Spanish is used at all times except in the case where a child needs to be comforted.

All Kindergarten – 5th grade classes at Spanish With Sarah are taught via dual-immersion. Each day is divided into two halves.  One half of each day is taught in Spanish while the other half is taught in English.

Every class receives their Language Arts in Spanish. Language Arts includes: reading, writing, story telling, spelling and speech.

Students also receive spelling in their English portion of the day. Reading and writing are taught across all subjects, in both languages.

Mondays /Tuesdays /Thursdays /Fridays


Wednesdays – Early Release (Specialists: Art, Music, Physical Education, Character Education)




First Grade

Second / Third Grade

Fourth Grade/ Fifth Grade



Recommendations for language learning reinforcement:

Gus on the Go guides children on an interactive series of 10 vocabulary activities. After completing each lesson, Gus playfully encourages them to unlock the next adventure by reviewing what they have learned. Gus on the Go helps children to improve their hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and basic vocabulary proficiency.

Little Pim introduces 60 vocabulary words and a multitude of phrases through interactive learning. Stories can be read independently or with the help of a narrator. There are lots of fun interactive game play that appeals to kids as they hunt for balloons while discovering new words, and a question and answer feature that helps reinforce vocabulary.

PicPocket Books Spanish titles feature the beauty of picture books, with audio recording and interactive visual text for bilingual learners. The Spanish titles allow kids to play and pause the story at any time, and fast forward or go back to replay images and listen to audio. Each downloaded story can be listened to endlessly.

Dic-Dic: Multilingual dictation to practice spelling, writing, and sound-letter matching. This is an educational game designed for kids ages 3-8 to learn to spell commonly-used words in several languages, including Spanish and French. The audiovisual dictation at 3 levels of difficulty allows them to learn spelling and vocabulary in a fun way.

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