Language Arts

This week we worked on wrapping up many things for the end of the school year. The students each chose a chapter book to read throughout the summer, in Spanish.  They will receive a packet to go along with their book.  This isn’t mean to be seen as summer work but more to keep them on task with their Spanish reading and writing.  Each week there will be one short task to complete using their summer Spanish book.

This week we also worked on finishing our Communications unit.  We have SO enjoyed this unit!  We talked about our experiences with people who have lost one of their senses and how that affected their life.  During this last story we talked about Braille and how it came to be invented.  This story was a great example of perseverance, showing that a 12-year old boy set his mind to inventing something and didn’t let anyone or anything stand in his way.


This week we finished out last chapter Symmetry. Our objectives were:

  • relate rotational symmetry to turns
  • trace a figure to determine whether it has rotational symmetry
  • draw a shape or pattern about a line of symmetry and check for rotational symmetry
  • complete a symmetric shape or pattern
  • create symmetric patterns on grid paper

I am also collecting empty toilet paper and paper towel tubes for an activity on Tuesday. If you have any please send them with your kiddo!

History and Geography

This week we finished our last unit, The American Revolution. Our objectives were:

  • describe battles in the southern colonies
  • identify George Rogers Clark and describe his role in the war in the West
  • identify John Paul Jones and describe his role in the American Revolution
  • Identify Benedict Arnold and explain how and why he betrayed his country
  • describe the final major battle at Yorktown
  • explain how the Americans defeated the British

We will be having our Wax Museum on Monday at 9:15 am! Please stop by and see the awesome work and costumes.



Students visiting the Third/Fourth grade science fair.

Students visiting the Third/Fourth grade science fair.