Language Arts & Math

After finishing our math unit last week, we focused more on our language arts this week. However, we did have some math related connections to our writing project. We took a look at statistics and data of endangered species. We reviewed tables and graphs. Then, we interpreted and analyzed this data. We also made some connections to probability. Some of the vocabulary used include percentage, average, mode, etc. We will continue to cover these concepts next week, as well as reviewing all math concepts seen during the year.

We spent most of our time this week working on our literacy writing project. As usual, we spent the first part of the week doing word work and Spanish language structure studies: spelling, putting words in context and forms and functions of language, as well as facts and opinions. Then, we again discussed the outline for a persuasive essay and created our essay foldable with all the components. During writer’s workshop, prior to writing, we practice them orally. I show examples and model writing. I take feedback and suggestions from students to create my writing piece in front of them. Students have done a phenomenal job being reflective in creating a quality writing piece. The have also applied the concepts seen and discussed as a whole group when writing their essay’s rough draft. I cannot wait to see and read the final published pieces.

We will have our last spelling assessment next week. Students took home their spelling journals to study this weekend.

A few reminders:

  • Spelling homework sentences are due on Monday.
  • Study for your spelling test next week.
  • Read about your endangered animal and find the last missing details for your writing project.
  • Read your animal books.
  • Bring a rock next week for our garden project.

Have a great weekend!



Social Studies  

The students have been learning about the United States Constitution this week, the challenges our nation faced during ratification, and our first president, George Washington.  Many of them already have quite a bit of prior knowledge about this topic, so it is fun to go into more depth.  They are working on a lap book to bring home in a couple of weeks.


We finished our final FOSS investigation this week, Reactions.  The students combined vinegar and baking soda, a liquid and a solid, to form a gas.  They weighed the vinegar and baking soda separately, then weighed it again after the reaction.  You can ask your student what happened to the mass of the two items combined.
We will begin our final Science unit on the human body next week!  We will first explore the circulatory system, then the respiratory system the final full week of school.
Also, don’t forget about our field trip to Liberty Middle School on Tuesday afternoon.  We will be visiting the robotics club there.


The 3-4 students learned about the famous artist, Alexander Calder, who made large sculptures and mobiles from wire and metal. The students finished their wire and yarn fish sculptures, and also had time to start a seashell project. Their beautiful drawings will be continued next week!