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Language Arts 

In literacy this week, we worked on our expository writing project. We started our week with our word analysis, reviewing the importance of using precise language and the impact this makes when expressing your thoughts in oral and written form (matices del significado). We talked about the difference between facts and opinions, which will be discussed more in depth next week. Students did a fantastic job doing their research on their endangered animals. Some of them took their report home this weekend to finalize some details regarding some data and statistics (facts). They need to have all their information available to start their writing. As a whole group we showed and discussed the essay’s outline and requirements. Next week, we will provide students with sentence structures and frames in Spanish to articulately state their facts and opinions and transfer these knowledge to their writing.

Sowing seeds of love!

week 34 garden picWe culminated our week with much anticipated event: we planted our school community garden. What an amazing way to wrap up our math unit and part of our literacy unit. All students came to school prepared and worked together to make this amazing project become alive! I am so thankful for and proud of our all of our student’s hard work and the help of our wonderful volunteers!


We spent the first part of the week reviewing concepts, answering questions, week 34 math 3:4and clarifying misconceptions. We also had a chance to do some of our favorite activities of the unit (see the pictures). Ask you child to tell you about these, and how they relate to math. On Thursday and Friday, students had their geometry math assessment. Congratulations to all students for maintaining their focus, applying al, the concepts learned and persevering in solving the problems.


Just a few reminders…

  • Math homework is due on Tuesday.
  • Read your magazine article and be ready to discuss in class.
  • Practice your song: Comida Saludable.
  • Read about your endangered animal, finish your report and bring it back to school.
  • Practice ALEKS (optional)
  • Have a great weekend!

Social Studies  & Science

This week we wrapped up our unit on the Revolutionary War.  The students wrote diary entries as militiamen (and women) crossing the Delaware River.  They also bound their diaries and shared their favorite part of this unit.

We also completed a few FOSS investigations about temperature.  They did a great job measuring hot, cold, and room temperature water in Celsius.  They also did some great predicting and data collecting regarding temperature combining.  Next week we will wrap up our FOSS unit, exploring some simple reactions.
Also, please be practicing spelling this weekendThis Tuesday is our final spelling test of the year!  If everyone earns full credit, we will have a class-wide reward!  I sent copies of tests home today with students who couldn’t find theirs.  So, everyone should be well prepared to study!  We can do it!
Finally, we will be going on a short field trip Tuesday, June 2nd with the 1st/2nd grade class.  Our students will need to think back to our unit on magnets and electricity as we visit the Liberty Middle School Robotics Club.  Please sign and return permission slips next week.  Thank you!


In 3-4 art we discussed Memorial Day and how red poppies have beenweek 34 poppies symbols of this holiday since John McCrae wrote his famous poem, “In Flanders Fields” during World War I. The students observed real poppy flowers, and we also looked at a contemporary watercolor painting of poppies. The students practiced drawing poppy shapes and then made a watercolor painting of several flowers. These turned out very beautiful!