Language Arts 

We will be working on our Survival unit next week. It would be helpful if families could brainstorm some ideas regarding this theme. Talk about scenarios where humans and non-humans experience situations where they face difficulties and need to adjust to new circumstances. As a class we will be discussing their reading assignment: Ann Frank Diary.

Some possible questions or ideas to discuss would be: Why is it (why not) important to understand and be aware of your surroundings? Without the use of technology, would it be possible to survive? How? Can you find some information and talk about any natural disaster that has happened in the last month? How can people work together to help others, that have suffered difficulties, recover? What is climate change and how is this phenomenon affecting every living creature on earth?

The last question will lead us to our unit of investigation: endangered species. In class, students will  work on an expository writing assignment.


In math this week, I would like to acknowledge the hard work some of our third and fourth grade students put into working on the math state assessment. Every one of them did their personal best completing this assessment, applying all the concepts they have acquired up until now during their elementary career. Congratulations!

After spending time reviewing concepts and misconceptions, we got to work on our math cumulative review of the unit.  We will be having our math assessment on May 21st and 22nd , incorporating all concepts of geometry learned : identifying and measuring angles, lines and segments, properties of squares and rectangles, combining shapes to form other shapes, area and perimeter. Students have done a remarkable job during our geometry unit. Please log-in to your Aleks account to continue to practice these and other concepts.

We made great progress working on our school garden project. This was a great opportunity to, not only apply math concepts of multiplication and division, area and perimeter, but also, a chance to review vocabulary such as plants, fruits and vegetables in Spanish. For this, we thought, wrote and drew possible plants and vegetables and materials we will need for the project. We also worked on a plan calculating specifically the area that will be covered by each plant. We discussed, compared and contrasted our plans. Parents please make sure you check with your child on the progress of this project as we might be requesting some supply donations and volunteers during the course of the next couple weeks. Thank you!

We culminated our week working on a very significant project. Happy Mother’s Day!

Social Studies  & Science

What a fabulous, sunny week we’ve had in 3rd and 4th grade!  The students have done a great job examining primary sources from the Revolutionary War.  They read six different sources and had to rate their credibility.  We had some great discussions about what it means to be credible.  They compared Loyalist documents with Patriot documents, and shared very eloquently why they thought each was credible or not.  They thoroughly impressed their teacher!
In Science, we finished up our FOSS investigation on measuring mass.  This week’s focus was on measuring liquid.  They used a milliliter syringe to measure various containers.  They then compared this amount to their initial predictions.  It was a great way to incorporate math into our afternoon!
The students also worked hard on their Mother’s Day gift.  We used our Spanish skills to complete this along with our artistic abilities.
Finally, we drew sticks for our Famous American presentations next week.  Ask your student which day he/she will be presenting.


The 3-4 students finished up some bookmark weaving, and then they learned how to use wire coat hangers to create a fish design, using yarn, beads, and bottle lids. These fun fish are “to be continued!”


Based on home practice and noodling around, the students had discovered several melodies on the recorders, and several were shared with the whole class: Jolly Old St. Nicholas, Mary Had a Little Lamb, Hot Cross Buns and Jingle Bells. Once again, we need to bring the recorders back to school on Tuesday so we can be certain we have them for Wednesday’s lesson.