Language Arts 

In Literacy, the highlight of the week was the rehearsal of our puppet show. Students did a fantastic work analyzing, comparing and contrasting characters traits and applying their understanding to their performance. After each presentation, we gave each other constructive criticism and were able to reflect on areas of improvement. The main goal for this project is that, in a collaborative way, students are able to retell the story using precise language and sentence structures in Spanish. We will schedule our puppet show for Friday.


Students did a great job demonstrating their knowledge of angles during our math assessment. After that, we worked on identifying properties of squares and rectangles, using precise vocabulary to describe the characteristics and attributes that make them what they are. U sing a variety of tools, we also combined shapes to form other shapes.  Internalizing these concepts will help our students understand our next week’s unit: perimeter and area. We ended the week reviewing previous units working on a math story problem.

Social Studies  

In Social Studies, we began learning about the Revolutionary War.  Many of them have a great deal of background knowledge on this topic, which is great.  We did some initial reading about the colonies this week.  We also began reading and learning about the poem “Paul Revere’s Ride.”  Several of the students already have the first few stanzas memorized.
Next week we will be together in the mornings for English.  Students will be taking turns in two groups taking the state assessment.  While one group is on the computers test-taking, the other group will be either doing a FOSS investigation, or working on their Revolutionary War simulation character we will be creating.


We had a great start back to school after Spring Break in third and fourth grade!  We started new units in both Social Studies and Science.
The students were very excited to get going on our last FOSS kit of the year exploring matter.  They have already completed two investigations, one examining the states of matter (solid, liquid, gas), and one exploring mass.  As always, they did an excellent job thinking like scientists as they worked their way through these investigations.


In 3-4 art, we began a unit on weaving. Last year the students made rectangular weavings, and this year we are trying a circular weaving on a cardboard “cake circle.” The students learned how to string the warp threads on the circular loom, and then they began weaving in a spiral direction, using three different colors. They are off to a great start! A NOTE ABOUT ART GRADES: The Core Knowledge curriculum uses “D” for developing, “P” for progressing, and “M” for mastery. I use these as indicators of which units we have worked on or completed, and not as a grade of a student’s artistic ability. Every student has their own unique creativity, and I am always inspired by their beautiful artwork!