Language Arts 

In Literacy, we worked on the final touches for our puppet show. Students had a chance to improve and practice their lines. We had our puppet theater up, so it was very fun to slowly start to see it all come together. One of the goals for this project, along with identifying the elements of fables, is that students are able to retell the events of a story and remember the key details, therefore, improvisation is welcome. Student will be using appropriate language structures and well as precise language in Spanish. We will be presenting our puppet show after we come back from break to our class only. We will discuss when students feel ready to extend an invitation to the families.


In math this week, we finished our unit on angles and angle’s measurement. Students did such an amazing job during the development of this unit. Also, we reviewed some fundamental concepts learned in math, including all four operations. In certain occasions, students seem to rush through their math work.  One of our goals is to slow down and be able to explain their thinking and the steps they take articulately in Spanish. When we come back from spring break, we will work on our last unit: Properties of 2D shapes.

I hope that families have a fantastic time during Spring break.  The only homework students have is to do their daily reading in Spanish and make lots of fond memories.

Social Studies  

We had a great time wrapping up our study of China in 3rd and 4th grade this week.  We finished our beloved story, Where the Mountain Meets the Moon.  The students did an excellent job finding hidden Chinese symbols within the text.  They also learned to write Chinese characters for “mountain” and “moon.”  They also completed their books focusing on the inventions of the Chinese.  Look for these to come home after Spring Break.

Sciencecloud pic 2 3:4

In Science this week we finished up our study of Meteorology.  The students created some pretty amazing clouds to be featured in our year end program.  They also completed a detailed chart describing the ten main cloud families.  

Everyone did a fabulous job staying focused and finishing up projects this week.  Great work!!


The students finished their tissue paper still life pictures of vases and bottles. They added a glue mixture on top, along with details using markers. We put these beautiful designs on the white board and we all admired everyone’s finished work! Next week will be a “catch-up” day for students to finish various projects, plus practice some drawing skills, and I’ll also send home their art portfolios before spring break.