Language Arts

With the beginning of the exploration of new unit De suenos a trabajos, and emphasizing oral practice, we had an amazing time brainstorming ideas and activating student prior knowledge on the theme. It was so great to hear our student’s thoughtful responses. Some of the guiding questions included: What is a dream? What does it take for a person to follow their dreams? Do you know what your interests are? What about the context and social, political circumstances? What is the difference between a service business and a manufacturing business? Can you provide an example of an entrepreneur?  We continued to discuss   about non-profit organizations.

Towards the end of the week, we focused on social justice, the impact of the free market model. We talked about historical events and made connections to the civil war, slavery, and the civil rights movement. We had the topic open for a debate and share opinions.

In literature studies, we read the biography of Martin Luther King Jr. and learned the elements of a biography.  We culminated the week with a beautiful art/writing project: Martin Luther King Jr. Sueno con un mundo…


As we start wrapping up our unit: Whole Number Multiplication and Division, we continued to work on one digit and double digit multiplication.  We also worked on real-world problem where students had to use models, particularly the bar model learned last year, to solve multiple steps problems involving all four operations. This part of our unit has been adjusted according to their grade levels, therefore, expectations are scaled. However, it is a complex concept, and more so when it is done in a second language. The standards that align to this concept and that I will be expecting students to apply are: 1. Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them. 3. Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others. Next week, using various strategies and manipulatives,  we will focus on I-digit number division and multiple steps real-world problems.

Social Studies & Science

Our afternoons continued to be great this week!  We finished up our first investigation from our FOSS kit.  The students had fun manipulating the magnets.  We performed several experiments including measuring magnetic force and using different objects as magnetic detectors.  They also did some great predicting and hypothesizing using authentic data they collected.  Way to go, scientists!

In Social Studies, we continued to look at the spread of Islam during the Middle Ages.  The students created some interview questions to ask one another (and for me to use as a final unit assessment).  They had fun brainstorming about the different aspects of Islam we learned about these past few weeks.  You can ask them specifically about Ramadan!  They whole idea of fasting each day for an entire month was pretty shocking to most (maybe all) of them.

Next week will be a little different, as Maestra Paola will be teaching all day both Tuesday and Thursday.  I will be back Friday to wrap up the week!


The 3-4 students finished their portraits this week. We reviewed some of the basic shapes and proportions that are used to draw faces, and the students used mirrors to observe their own facial characteristics such as eye color, hair styles, etc. I’m impressed with how well these young artists handled this challenging project! These portraits are on the bulletin board at the end of the hall at school.

Character Education

This week we began our unit on Justice & Fairness. We talked about MLK and listened to part of his famous speech.