Our nursery rhyme of the week provided lots of opportunity for prepositions and whole body movement. Jack Be Nimble was great fun for jumping (saltando or salta).

We also used this opportunity to talk about fire safety and how it is never okay to play with candles or fire.

We had many opportunities to work on shape identification during our art projects.  These projects also provided great practice for following directions .

Identifying numerals and matching them to groups of objects was fun!

Letras This week we learned all about the letter V. The letter V can make the same sound in English and Spanish. It does have a “blurry” sound that makes it difficult to distinguish between the B and V. Think: numb lips from the dentist. Números We worked with the number 10 and had a blast forming groups of 10. We have been using 10’s frames to help us with our counting. These are something they will see more of in later years but we find them helpful to keep track of forming groups of a certain number.