El Olfato

This week was all about our sense of smell / el olfato. We read about different ways we use el olfato as well

20151021_094212 (1)

Taking turns in our baking project.

as participating in several activities where students played using this sense. The students had a great time making cupcakes. In this activity they used their sense of smell with each flavor that we used. We also worked with sequencing the steps during this activity. Another activity was for them to guess what was inside each o20151023_142709_resizedf a set of glasses using only their sense of smell/ el olfato.


Letras y Números

This week we learned about letter U/ vocal u, and the number 5. Be sure to point out the letter U when you are reading. The English pronunciation of this letter is the long vowel sound /u/:u-e, use, ew /u/ as unicorn. The Spanish pronunciation stops with just the /u/ sound. (Think of this as the monkey’s favorite letter.  u-u-u.)
We also incorporated our previous touch investigation with our letter U’s.
We worked with the number five doing many different activities. One activity was an ice cream cone with five ice cream flavors, counting numbers 1 thought 5, identifying groups of 5. See if your child can put together different groups of 5 items.  Can they find the number 5 anywhere? On mailboxes, or house numbers during a fall walk?

Pumpkin Fun Run

The Pumpkin Fun Run was exactly that, Fun!  The preschoolers who attended did a fantastic job not only at the fun run but during the walk to and from the track!  They sure did get their exercise in that day!

Halloween at SWS

Students can wear their costumes on the last class before Halloween, Thursday and Friday.  Please be sure not to send little pieces/props that might get lost. We will incorporate some Halloween math activities into our special day.