This week we began our new theme: Los cinco sentidos. The five senses.  During this month we will learn all about this very fun, interactive theme with lots of smells, sounds, tastes, textures, and sights.

This first week was spent introducing the theme in general. Fall is a fabulous time to talk about the senses.  Ask your child what sense they are using during different activities that your family takes part in. Going for a walk through the brightly colored fall leaves you can talk about the different colors you see, how the smell has changed to damp earth and leaves, how the leaves make a whispering, crunchy sound, and how some leaves are rough while others are smooth. (Don’t taste the leaves!)

We completed a few fun projects but mainly we focused on different hands-on activities. Be sure to ask your child to tell you about the activities they did while at school but also use their projects as a starting point for great family talks. “Tell me about this …cinnamon.  Do you hear the cinnamon?  Do we smell it?   How does it smell?” Etc.

Letras y Números

This week students were introduced to the letter I. This letter makes the long /e/ sound. This  is a fun letter to form, top down, side-to-side. Preschool letter activities offer the opportunity to learn and remember letters from the alphabet in a fun and attractive manner. Learning our letters in a fun, meaningful way is important in the preparation for learning to read and write.


Has your little preschooler been counting a lot at home?  We do a LOT of counting at school.  We feel it is important to count objects, rather than singing a counting song, so your child can learn to associate the visual with the spoken.  While making dinner or folding laundry ask your child to separate out a certain number of objects. “Could you find 3 socks for me?” Saying the number as they are touching each ‘sock’ is important.