Father’s Day

We wanted to make sure our dads didn’t get left out so we celebrated them before summer vacation.  Our annual SWS Father’s Day Carwash & Stepping Stones was a blast! If your child made a stepping stone please be sure to take it home this Monday or Tuesday.  They are right in the hallway outside the school office.

Los Deportes

This week we began our sports unit.  This unit is not only a LOT of fun but it also provides a wonderful opportunity to practice many gross motor skills.

DSC_0038Some things we worked on:

  • kicking a ball between two points
  • throwing a ball (over hand)
  • tossing a ball (under hand)
  • weaving our body in and out of cones

We also read and talked about the different types of balls that are used in different sports. We have included the following into our calendar pattern:

baseball – béisbol

soccer – fútbol

football – fútbol americano


Letras y Números

We had so much fun using our balls and bean bags to practice adding and subtracting in small numbers!  We werDSC_0040e very active during these activities!  (Definitely active/whole body engagement!)

We also used fun sports pictures to work on syllables. Knowing letter sounds, putting those sounds together to form syllables, and then putting the syllables together to form words.  This is beginning reading! (Not every student is doing this but they are all benefiting from the exposure.)