20160314_094323_resizedEl sistema solar

This week we continued working with the solar system. The kids learned how the planets orbit the sun with a fun activity. This gave the kiddos a hands-on hand, concrete, way to understand how planets orbit the sun in a large circle. We rolled a ball of orange playdough and stuck it in the middle of the circle plate to represent the sun.  We put a blue balloon to represent the earth, and we made the earth orbit around the sun. The kids enjoyed doing this project. As well, we worked with constellations. With this project the kids used their imagination doing different shapes that they saw in the night sky.

Letras y Números

We incorporated our touch investigation with the letter/letra Gg. The kids practiced handwriting, we sang songs,20160316_112040_resized read a book of the letter Gg, and recognized the letter in our daily reading. The English letter name Gg, can be pronounced(lli). While the Spanish letter name pronunciation is (ge). The hard pronunciation of this letter is the same in English and Spanish. (The hard sounds occurs in all instances when it is not followed by i or e, which is the same rule in English and Spanish.)
Words we worked with this week were:
20160314_111659_resizedThis week we worked with the number 15, counting falling stars and counting one-to-one correspondence and recognition.
Counting things at home or when you are out and about is very important.
Be sure to only say the number as the item is touched or placed.