El sistema solar

We created our own full moons.  We also looked at the phases of the moon, and talked about the different images we see in the moon.  We saw rabbits and faces.  We also talked about why the moon glows at night. (It’s because of the sun.)
This was a simple and fun project, because the kids loved watching the marker bleed on the paper with just a few drops from the eye dropper.

We had fun singing moon songs and playing “una luna, dos lunas” (very much like “one potato, two potatoes”.

We looked at photographs of the moon that showed the surface. The kiddos pointed out the colors and craters they saw. We then had a blast making our own model of a trip to the moon.

We made our own space rockets where we imagined taking a trip to space. We used dirrection words: arriba / above, abajo /below , sobre / over, etc. At the same time we talked about space ships and their functions.

20160311_151121_resizedLas letras y los números

We learned all about the letter C this week by singing songs, reading the C book, and playing games.  We also practiced writing this letter by first tracing with our finger and then with markers. This letter is just like the English letter C.  It makes the soft /s/ sound when followed by i or e. (Think: city, center.) It makes the hard /k/ sound at all other times. Some of the specific words we worked with this week were:

corona/ crown

20160307_145716_resizedThis week we continued working with number 14 as a review, we used fun and simple activities to help the kiddos build and consolidate their understanding of identifying the number and how it is represented using popsicle sticks and stickers.

Identifying the numbers and putting them in correct order is a big skill!