Los Piratas

This week, we started with our Piratas y Mapas/ Pirates and Maps topic. This topic is very creative with the little ones because it helps them to develop their imagination through different activities that we work with. Throughout the month we will work with this topic, it promises that the little ones are going to have fun with our games and activities. They are going to f20160203_102938ind the little imaginary pirate in them. As well, we are going to learn new vocabulary. This week the kids have a lot fun making a pirate ship, pirates and pirate hat. They used their fine motor skills for cutting paper and tissue paper (very tricky!). They also did these same tasks by tearing the paper. This is a definite skill that proves tricky at first. Tearing paper engages the muscles in your pincher grasp while moving your hands in opposite directions.

We played games such as memory cards while practicing our vocabulary.


Las letras y los números

This week we incorporated our touch investigation with the letter Ll. Be sure to point out the letters that we practice when you are reading. The English letter name is L (el), while the Spanish letter name is; L (ele). Some examples, of letter L;








This week we worked with the number 12, el número doce. The students did an excellent job counting 1 through 12. We did different activities with this number such as counting and recognizing the number through dots and shapes. We played “finding treasures” and counting how many they found. We also worked on our number formation by tracing the number 12, and count in groups.