Los Días festivos del Mundo

20151207_095844_resizedWhat a great week! This week continued learned about celebrations from around the world. We specifically learned about Hanukkah celebrations and Cuentos Clásicos de Navidad / Classic Christmas Stories and El Árbol de Navidad /Christmas Tree. We read about different ways holidays are celebrated. These great stories show  values, generosity and how sharing with others are so important.

We like to read a few different stories about our topics to provide different examples for the students. We also had a great time doing different activities for this topic.

Monday and Tuesday we continued learning about the Januca/Hanukkah 20151210_092726_resized (1)traditions. Holidays give us a wonderful opportunity to share Jewish traditions and histories. One of our students was very proud to share how his family celebrates this holiday.

The rest of the week we discussed the tradition of Christmas tree.  The kiddos were really exited to learning a little bit of the Classic Christmas Stories. It is amazing to see how they enjoy the stories and share their own family traditions with their classmates. Every family celebrates in their own way, with some similarities and some differences.


Las letras y los números

20151209_094139_resizedOur letter focus for the week was the letter Tt /la letra Tt. This letter makes the same sound in both English and Spanish. We form the letter, like most letters, from the top down, then cross.  Some specific words we worked with from our letter tubs were:

tomate/tomato, tortuga/turtle, triciclo/tricycle, tambor/drum

We have fun passing these items around, singing about them, listening for the letter T. Does anyone in your family have the letter T in their name? Write out your names and have your kiddo look for the letter T. Also, pause when reading a story and do a letter search on certain pages (that happen to have a few letter Ts.)

Our number focus for the week was the number 9 / nueve. The kiddos are funny and get confused during our daily weather and want to say nueve for snow/nieve. We are trying to help them distinguish the difference in the sound.

Forming groups of nueve, counting up to nueve, identifying the number 9 are all ways to reinforce our number concepts/knowledge.