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This week we started working with our new theme: Celebrations Around the World. We worked with the familiar Christmas celebration and we read Cuentos Clasicos de Navidad / Classic Christmas Stories like: Polar Express, El Arbol de Navidad/ Christmas Tree. We read about different ways that the kids learn values, generosity and sharing with others. The students were learning with different examples and activities using this topic. As well, they learned that Holidays give us a wonderful opportunity to share with others. The kids were really excited learning a little bit of these Classic Christmas Stories. It is amazing to see how they enjoyed the stories. The kids worked with activities like ornaments/esferas y/o ornamentas, elf/duende, and Santa Claus.
This week we went over  the letter Nn /la letra Nn and we reviewed the number 9. Be sure to point out the letter that we practice when you are reading. The pronunciation of the letter N is the same in English and Spanish.
We worked with number 7. The kiddos are doing a good job counting 1 through 7. We did different activities with counting and recognizing the number through dots, Legos, stickers, coloring and tracing the number. The purpose of these projects is is to give the kiddos different experiences with the numbers to help them recognize the number and counting to the number.
La Figura y Color
This month we started with rectangulo shape (rectangle), and yellow (amarillo) color. We passed the shape around while talking about what makes a rectanglulo and how the shape is different from our other shapes.  We compared different sizes of rectangle shape as well.
It was great having a chance to sit down and brag about your kiddos and talk about how different things we can work on together. Have a great weekend!
Macky J