This week has has been amazing! The Bizi-Farm field trip was very fun!
This week we continued working with the five senses/ Los Cinco Sentidos. We focused on the body’s sense of hearing. We learned that we use our ears to take information about things around us. Like others skills that children learn, listening takes practice. So we used listening games like listening to different instruments, sounds of music at various volumes. Kids heard sounds from different objects and then we asked them to name the object making the sound. They did great!

20171027_102523They learned about their body’s sense of smell. They learned that the sense of smell tells us about our environment. They know that they can smell good things like ‘tasty ’ food, horrible smells like dirty socks and dangerous smells like smoke from a fire. We read the book Oso Polar, Oso Polar, Oso Polar Qué Es Ese Ruido?/Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? What did the kids hear when I read the book? Lots of noise when kids chant the rhythmic words. The kids made the sounds the animals made in the story.

We also read Tiempo de Calabazas!/ It’s Pumpkin Time! As well, we did a lot of fun projects for these senses like: guessing what was inside of the egg using the sound. And they played with a pumpkin by smelling, touching it, and hitting the pumpkin to hear her sound.

20171023_145453 20171025_110302LETRAS

This week we reviewed the vowels/las vocales. Be sure to point out the vowels (A, E, I, O , U) that we practice when you are reading. We incorporated our touch investigation with the vowels, reading books, playing bingo, and games of vowels recognition.


We work with number 5/ número 5 and the kiddos had fun with different activities. They had a fun time playing and using some items for sorting and counting. Sorting helps children see differences and similarities. We did activities like tracing numbers, games like finding the number in the classroom, counting five blue squares, and placing little pieces of paper onto the number five.


This week we continued working with square shape (cuadrado) and blue color (color azul). We reviewed the square shape using and comparing different sizes of this shape. We did a fun project painting blue sticks and making the square shapes with them.