20171016_140935MIS CINCO SENTIDOS
20171018_101408El Sentido del Tacto
 We continued working with the five senses/ Los Cinco Sentidos. This week the kids learned about their sense of touch (sentido del tacto) by feeling different materials and textures. We used a collection of fabrics including fleece, burlap, silk and satin, rocks, sandpaper, cotton, flour, silk paper, rice, beans, corn, pompom, and feathers as well. We taught the kiddos the difference between soft, rough and smooth. I used, as an example, a rock as a hard object. We gave them some objects to feel the texture of each item while they explained what they felt as they touched it.
We read about different ways we use our sense of touch. The kids enjoyed all the activities, playing and singing songs with this sense. The students had a great time touching different textures. We did activities with sensory texture touching and gluing rocks, cotton, etc., These experiences encourage the children to explore various textures and promotes the use of observation, plus expressive and descriptive vocabulary. As well, we had fun with texture games. They put their hand inside a paper bag and then they described what they felt touching the different objects in the bag (rocks, pompoms, oranges, corn, and shapes). The activities that we used this week help the kids to observe, compare, experiment and practice descriptive and expressive skills.
This week we learned all about the letter U u /la letra U u. Be sure to point out the letter that we practice when you are reading. As example:
We incorporated our touch investigation with the letter U, reading books, the letter Uu  in rice, sandpaper, beans, corn, and feathers. To end the week, the kids identified the letter(vowel) Uu in our daily reading.
We continued working with number 4 (número cuatro) doing different activities with beans, rocks, and silk paper. Also, they were tracing the number four (4)/ número cuatro (4). Otherwise they were sorting and counting blocks. Sorting and counting helps the kids to begin notice how items are alike and different, and creates an awareness that is vital for math learning.
This week we continued working with square shape (cuadrado) and blue color (color azul). We reviewed the square shape using and comparing different sizes of this shape.  Also, they did an activity counting 4 blue bears and finding blue things in our classroom.