20170616_085938This week we continued working with the water cycle and plants and light (the importance of the sun to our planet).  We taught the little ones how the water cycle works, the process of plants, and how the sun impacts our life since it warms animals, helps plants to grow, helps the process of the water cycle, is a good source of vitamin D, and the production of solar energy.  I was surprised how they absorbed all the information. It is such a great experience working with little ones, they are amazing. Their ideas came up with a natural expression to explain all the knowledge that they get in the class. In addition, to finish this week we celebrated Father’s Day with a finger project, and delicious donuts, coffee, juice, etc. The kids were happy to have their parents join in the class. Kids sang a song; la araña y el globo, Daddy’s spent a good time with their kiddos. I believe this was an amazing experience together 😊.
We reviewed the letters that they learned in the past weeks (A, E, I, O, U,  L, V, B, K, R, C, G, H, J, K, Q, W, X, Y, Z, D, F, M, N,) We did games to find letters in the books and looked into letter soup, tracing letters on the board and finding their names in the letter soup.
This week we started working with number 18/ número 18. they had a fun time played and used some items sorted and counted. We used the water cycle topic, plants and sun(light) to do different activities like counting clouds, water drops, seeds, and solar rays and tracing the number eighteen.
20170612_100745La Figura y El Color 
We reviewed all shapes that kids are learning; circle/circulo, square/cuadrado, triangle/triangulo, rectangle/rectangulo, oval/ovalo, heart/corazon, and star/Estrella and diamond/diamante.  also, they were reviewing our colors range; rojo/red, azul/blue, verde/green, amarillo/yellow, purpura/purple, cafe/brown, anaranjado o naranja/orange, pink/Rosado, baby blue/celeste, black/negro, white/blanco and gray/gris. 
Parents, kids should wear for our performance on Thursday 22:
Niñas/grls; white blouse or shirt with a short pants or leggings, and black shoes or cowboy boots.
Niños/boys; lines or square shirt with jeans, and black shoes.