Los Insectos

This week we read the book La mariquita la mariquita malhumoradamalhumorada. This is a great story about a grumpy ladybug who goes from animal to animal looking for someone who is big enough to fight with.  In the end he ends up back where he started, next to a nice ladybug, and decides to be peaceful and share the aphids on the leaves.

We talked about the significance of the different colors of ladybugs. This might be a good thing to reinforce at home:

colored ladybugs

red- normal ,

orange/yellow- poisonous – don’t touch.

blue – irritable



We continued our study of the life cycle and characteristics of insects. We used our craft time to explore the characteristics of insects:

6 legs / 6 patas,lady-beetle diagram

2 antenas,

un caparazón,

2 alas

We also used our craft time to work on the tricky skill of folding paper and then cutting. We used this to make equal wings for our mariquitas.  We worked specifically with the life cycle of the mariquita. We compared it to that of last week’s mariposa.  They are very similar!!

Letras y Números

This week we introduced the letter ch. The sound is the same in Spanish and English. Think chocolate! This letter combination makes the same sound at the beginning, middle, or end of words.

Our number focus this week was Number 17. We did crafts making 17 ladybugs, making 17 spots, and matching numbers with the number of dots on the ladybugs.