This week, we continued working with Nursery Rhymes/ Rimas y Canciones so we incorporated the song “ De Colores”.


20180119_132214De colores, de colores

Se visten los campos

En la primavera.

De colores, de colores

Son los pajaritos

Que vienen de afuera.

De colores, de colores

Es el arcoiris

Que vemos lucir.

Y por eso los grandes amores

De muchos colores

Me gustan a mi.



20180118_102638It was wonderful to hear the kids hum the song during our activity time. Playing with Spanish Rhymes, children explore the mechanism of language, and also help the kids to build vocabulary and develop sounds. We did different activities related with the “De Colores” Rhyme, like making colorful flowers/flores coloridas, rainbow/ arcoiris, and birds/ pajaros.

New vocabulary learned this week related with the Rhyme “De Colores”:


Pajaritos/little birds,




This week learned about the letter Ll/ letra Ll.  Be sure to point out the letter that we practice when you are reading. The pronunciation of this letter is the same in both Spanish and English. Some examples:










We worked with the number 9/número nueve in several different activities like counting 1-9 using stickers, dots, counting objects, and tracing the number too.

La Figura y el Color

This week the kiddos continued learning about the oval shape (óvalo). They traced this shape on the board, and at the same time they looked for this shape around the classroom. Also, we continued learning and working with the color color /color morado.

Have a good weekend

Macky 🙂