20171106_135711We continued working with Los Alimentos y Su Procedencia/ The Foods and its origin! This week they had fun doing simple activities related with chicken, bees and fish. We associates the things that they can eat with this, chickens have eggs/huevos and pollo/chicken. Bees produce honey and fish produce fish. We had fun with farm sensory play activities with our different focus animals:  cows, chickens, bees and fish. We also did cute projects with a hand print forming a chicken, plastic spoons chickens, fish mobil, and bee puppets. A favorite activity was when they tasted the honey on a small gluten free salt cookie! Most of them loved it! 😊
This week we learned all about the letter Ss /la letra Ss. Be sure to point out the letter that we practice when you are reading. The letter S is pronounced the same in English and Spanish. Our examples this week were: sandia/ watermelon, sombrero/hat, sarten/frying pan, sol/sun, and silla, chair. We did activities related with the letter Ss and we sang songs.
We worked with the numbers 1-5 counting and recognition of each number. The kiddos did different activities such as, counting bees/ abejas, fish/peces, blocks and pom poms.
20171106_145632La Figura y Color
This month we started with triangle shape (triángulo), and green (verde) color. I talked about it with the kids passing around the shape, so the children could examine this shape up close. The kids joined the points from 1 to 5 by plotting to form a triangle, with the result of a clown, and to finish with this activity the kiddos painted the clown. They formed the triangle shape with wooden popsicle sticks. We also had fun doing color searches around the house.