Oso Polar

El oido

This week we worked with our sense of hearing / oido. We read about different ways we use the sense of hearing /el oido in the book Oso Polar Oso Polar, que es ese ruido? The students had a great time playing and using this sense, making different noises, working with sequences through the book, Oso Polar Oso Polar, que es ese ruido?. One activity was for them to guess the noises the teacher did using only their sense of hearing/ el oido.

Even super heroes need to practice sequencing, cutting, and gluing.

La letras y los números

This week we went over the vowels A, E, I, O , U /las vocals. And the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Be sure to point out the letters that we practice when you are reading. The English vowels are A, E, I,O, U. Each of these can be pronounced at least three ways: as a long sound, as a short sound, and as a schwa. While the Spanish pronunciation is very simple, each vowel/ vocal can be pronounced only one way. A/ah/, E/ay/, I/i/, O/o/, U/u/
We also worked with the numbers one to five doing different activities, as a book of vowels and numbers, singing songs, counting numbers 1 through 5, and number recognition.