Holidays Around The World

20151202_151542_resizedThis week Monday and Tuesday we started learning all about Cuentos Clasicos de Navidad / Classic Christmas Stories (Christmas Carol). We read about different ways that the children have learned values such as generosity and sharing with others. The students practiced these concepts with different examples and activities using this topic.
Wednesday and Thursday we learned about the Januca/Hanukkah tradition. Holidays give us a wonderful opportunity to learn about our differences and similarities. We were able to share a Jewish tradition and histories (with Hanukkah starting December 6th this year).  The kids were really exited learning a little bit of this amazing and beautiful history. We worked with different activities, doing a crown and star of David.

La letras y los números

This week we introduced the letter Pp /la letra Pp. Be sure to point out the 20151202_151631_resizedletter that we practice when you are reading. The English letter Pp. The letter name can be pronounced in English P(pi). While the Spanish letter name pronunciation is P (pe). Examples:  puerco/pig, pavo/turkey, pelota/ball, perro/dog. The letter sound pronunciation is virtually the same in English and Spanish.  (There is less air in the Spanish pronunciation – non-aspirated.)
This week we also had fun working with the number 8 doing different activities such as counting through balls and stickers. As well, they worked tracing the number 8.  We were singing songs related with number 8 and letter Pp.