El Pasado y El Presente

This week we began our new unit about El Pasado/Past y El Presente/Present. We read about different ways that people used to dress before and how they dress now. The students were able to point out the different kinds of television, telephones, toys, etc. We had fun comparing through different examples and activities during this topic.
The students had a great time recognizing different things of the past and present. Another activity was for them to determine if pictures represent the past or the present based on the fashion.  They were given pictures by the teacher and then put in the correct place. They enjoyed this activity. They were surprised by  some of the oldest toys and older televisions.

20151113_145334La letras y los números

This week we learned about the letter Ss /la letra Ss.  Please be sure to point out the letter that we practice when you are reading. The English letter name for Ss is /es/. While the Spanish pronunciation is S (eh seh). Examples of words we used this week with this letter are:  museo/museum, casa/house, silencio/silence, and serpiente/snake.
We also learned all about the number 7 this week. We worked with the number 7 doing different 20151113_145324activities, such as counting through the body of a gusano/worm, placing numbers inside of each part of the body. We sang songs related to the number 7  and letter Ss.