el gustoEl gusto

This week we work about sense of taste / gusto. We read about different ways we use the sense of taste /el gusto while the students were playing with this sense. The students had a great time tasting different flavors as sour/ácido, salty/salado, sweet/dulce and bitter/amargo. Another activity was for them to guess the different flavor that the teacher gave them using only their sense of taste/ el gusto. They enjoy this activity (especially tasting sweets).

La letras y los números20151102_145249

This week we learned all about the letter M m /la letra M m, and the number 6. Be sure to point out this letter when you are reading. The English letter name Mm can be pronounced in English M(em). While the Spanish letter name pronunciation is M (em meh). Example Spanish words beginning with M are:  mamá /mom, mano /hand, mono /monkey, mariposa /butterfly, murciélago /bat.
We incorporated our touch investigation with the letter M.
We worked with the number 6 doing different activities. One very well received activity was counting stars, placing a sweet flavor Mm’s inside of each star. We sang LOTS of songs related with the numbers and letter Mm.