Language Arts 

We read a great short story, El lobo y su sombra, about a wolf who sees how big his shadow is and decides he’s the biggest animal out there. This provided the class a wonderful opportunity to discuss why and when our shadows changes size and shape. We illustrated and wrote (dictated) about this in class.

Students were put into reading groups last week and worked well within their groups this week. We are still working on ‘following along’ while listening to someone else read.

In our short week we were able to focus on the letters: ñ, x and w . We also worked with the high-frequency words: él (he), de (of, from), and del (of the, from the)


We worked on number and number word identification. Students matched tens frames to groups of objects to written numbers. Students also worked on using data to construct graphs. We had a taste-testing of three different kinds of apples. Students then chose their favorites, recorded this, and then went around to collect the data from their classmates. (This was great practice with their tallies.) They then used this data to create a bar graph.

Social Studies & Science

I hope you enjoyed our field trip to Zenger Farms as much as I did!  I think we all had some information that we learned in our “Plants” unit reviewed and I know we all learned some new information as well!  What fun!  Zenger Farms does not disappoint!
This week we were introduced to our new Social Studies unit: Native Americans.  We will be learning about different Native American tribes and the way they lived long ago.  We learned that there are many tribes in many different regions of the country.  We will be focusing on the Sioux and the Great Plains.  We will be comparing how they lived, what they wore and ate, and what their homes were like.
We learned about the environment in which the Sioux lived, that the Sioux were a nomadic tribe, the food, clothing and shelter of the Sioux and the importance of the buffalo to the Sioux
If you get a chance, the Ridgefield Wildlife reserve has a replica of a longhouse on it’s grounds.  It would be a great supplemental learning experience!
As always, if you have a book or artifact that pertains to what we are learning, please feel free to send it in.  In addition, if any of our units happens to be an area of expertise of yours, we would love to have you come in and share your knowledge with us.  It takes a village!


This week the kindergarteners painted their Fence Post portraits for the picket fence, which Sarah is planning for the garden at school. I had the pattern drawn on the wood for the children, and then they painted the face and the clothing. We had lots of help from the 4th and 5th graders, Sarah, and Stacy (Alora’s mom). The kindergarteners did a great job!