Language Arts 

This week we really dug into the writing process. How does this work in kindergarten? Descriptive

student sentences

student sentences

writing describes people, animals, actions, places, things, ideas, objects, events, and so on. Descriptive writing can teach us about an unfamiliar or new topic.  As a class we looked at a picture and listed all the people, animals, colors, and actions. This was our picture description.

We also talked a lot about the different types of sentences we use and read. We brainstormed and the class came up with a great list of the three types of sentences. We paid special attention to the punctuation used for each one.

Measuring our lunch boxes was fun!

Measuring our lunch boxes was fun!


We continued our measurement unit by incorporating estimation and lines of comparison. Here are a few great pictures showing a couple activities we did this week.

Using a line of comparison makes things easier!

Using a line of comparison makes things easier to measure!

Social Studies & Science

This week we had the pleasure of Alora’s family sharing about their travels to many of our National Parks.  They brought pictures and shared about their experiences.  Don’t be surprised if your kiddo hits you up to visit a National Park this summer!  Thank you Cook Family!
We learned about President Lincoln in more detail and discovered that he kept notes in his tall hat, including the Emancipation Proclamation.  See if your child can tell you about this important note that he carried around for weeks before sharing it with his staff.
We also learned about Mt. Rushmore.  We identified the presidents on Mt. Rushmore and learned that it is a monument.  We learned how it was created, who designed it, and how long it took.
This is the end of our unit.  We took an assessment on Presidents and Symbols and will start a new unit on animals next week.


In Kindergarten art we started a “Windy Day Kite Picture.” We looked at 2 landscape paintings by Vincent Van Gogh, especially the curving, swirling lines in the skies that suggest windy weather. The students used tempera paint to practice painting swirly, curvy lines for the sky. Then they added a green field. This will be the background for their picture, and next week the students will add their person flying a kite. These “Windy Day” paintings will be as fun as their “Rainy Day” pictures, which I’ll return next week.


This was a classical music day for the class, listening and moving to Grieg’s Morning Mood and In the Hall of the Mountain King. We also tied in the morning theme learning Sr Kit’s composition, Cuando sale el sol por la mañana.