Showing off a SUPER 100s cape.

Language Arts 

We completed our Perseverance theme this week with a rhyming poem about what we would like to be when we grow up. The students then wrote and illustrated their own dreams in their writing journals.

We worked on editing sentences. We looked for capitals that were supposed to be lowercase, for missing capitals at the beginning of sentences, and for missing punctuation. Editing simple sentences helps the students to be more aware of these common mistakes in their own writing.

We finally completed our long term project of the Abecedario. The students have been brainstorming all the many, many Spanish words they know that begin with each letter of the alphabet. They then picked one, wrote the word, and illustrated it to make their very own ABC book. We worked on the covers on Friday. They will keeps these at school for reference. It worked out just right to finish such a long project at the same time as our Perseverance theme!


We have been counting the days of school since the very first day and the 100th day finally arrived on Tuesday!!! We did lots of fun stations to help us work on our counting skills.

  • 10’s frames cereal 100’s day necklace
  • 100’s day mask with stickers
  • 100 cup construction
  • addition to 10 crown
  • 100 penny toss: Heads or Tails?

The penny toss was great because it tied right into our calendar pattern:

penny, nickel, dime quarter

Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Franklin Roosevelt, George Washington

1, 5, 10, 25



Using 10’s frames to count out 100 pieces of cereal for a special 100th day necklace.

Science & Social Studies

This week we had a blast celebrating our 100th day of school!  The kids got a kick out of seeing what they would look like if they were 100 years old and imagining what they would be doing.
We wrapped up our unit on Our Senses.  We ended with two fictional stories: Seven Blind Mice and The Thing That Bothered Farmer Brown.  These stories allowed for great discussion about the impact of small sensations on our experiences.  We also discussed how our five senses help us learn about our world and the challenges someone would face if they were blind.
Lastly we learned about Super Senses!  This lesson helped us to understand how senses of sight and hearing can be enhanced.  See if your child can explain this to you.  We also became familiar with instruments invented to aid the senses of sight and hearing.
The students did a great job on their assessment at the end of the unit.  The assessment was multiple choice.


In kindergarten art the students learned how to observe, draw, and paint a pot of pansies. We looked at real flowers and talked about their shapes, colors, and size. The students made a drawing using black crayon, and then painted in the flowers using watercolor. These beautiful paintings are on display near the kindergarten room.