Language Arts 

This week we read El nabo grande, enorme. This story is a retelling of a Russian folktale. The story illustrates the value of “sticking to it” as it tells of an old man’s attempts to pull a giant turnip from the ground. The students did a great job joining in during re-readings. They also sequenced pictures from the story and verbally retold the story.

The class has been doing an absolutely fantastic job using their Spanish throughout each day. They take the word of the day and give detailed sentences. Through this great use of their language skills the class arrived at 1,000 tallies for their Spanish usage. We celebrated with a piñata!!



We spent the week working on our number bonds tens frames for numbers 11-20. Our main focus was on learning that each of these numbers is a group of ten plus another group. Many students were able to represent these numbers in number sentence form: 10+8=19.

Students should now be able to easily count to 100 by 10’s and 5’s. We started our 100 by 10’s poster. Next week we will start our by 5’s and by 1’s posters.  We have great counters!!

Social Studies & Science

We have learned about famous people who do not have one or more of their senses like Ray Charles and Helen Keller.  See if your child can describe these two people to you and share what their contributions and challenges were.  We enjoyed listening to music from Ray Charles and watching him perform and learning about Helen Keller with an activity about communicating without being able to see and hear.

This week we had so much fun sharing our “senses surprise” items.  The students had fun guessing each other’s items and the everyone enjoyed sharing their object.  This was good practice for presenting in front of an audience and also practice being a good audience member.  Thank you for helping your child to participate in this.
I have been choosing two students each day to sing the “Fifty Nifty” song and this week we wrapped it up!  Everyone can sing the song!  Way to go, Kinders!!
Remember, our field trip is on Monday!  See  you at the theater!


The Kindergarteners finished their “Rainy Day” pictures this week in art. They cut out the child in a raincoat (a few arms and legs had to be re­attached :­) and also the umbrella and handle. They glued these to the watercolor background, added a sidewalk and a reflection, and voila’, 16 wonderful collages! These are on the bulletin board at school. We also read “April Rain Song” by Langston Hughes.