Language Arts 

We reached 2000 tallies this week! This means your children have said over 2000 sentences in Spanish! (And that I remembered to give them tallies…) We celebrated with a piñata! This happened to coincide with a birthday and picture day. Fun!!

We began our new unit: En el mar  by having a class brainstorming session.  The students thought of all the sea/beach vocabulary they already know and then wrote about what they would find at the beach. Then we read a great class story. We will have the opportunity to learn many things about the sea, it’s animals, and uses during this unit.

We will plan to go through the writing process with each child writing about one of their own beach experiences.  Please send in a photo (printed) for your child to use with this writing piece. We will need these by next Friday, May 8th.


Everyone showed great understanding of the concepts of money. Each DSC_0006morning they used coins to make the number of the day. (This week our number range was 144-148.) They are all very comfortable with our money pattern on the calendar.  They should all be able to tell you the name, color, size, value, and president of each coin.

On Friday we began our next unit: geometry.  Shapes are fun and we began with plane shapes.  After plane shapes we will learn about dimensional shapes.

Social Studies & Science

This week we learned about and experimented with magnets.  We learned that every magnet has at least on north pole and one south pole.  We learned that opposite poles attract and like poles repel.  We learned about different types of magnets: horseshoe, bar, rod, disc, etc.  We had fun bringing magnets from home and sharing them with the class.  We also worked on a magnet shaped lapbook that contains minibooks with information that we learned about magnets.

Character Education

We talked about responsibility and kindness during character education this week.  We talked about how our words and actions in our families really make a difference.  We talked about the magical power we all have: being kind.  Being kind is the most powerful tool we have. And these are some of the most powerful kiddos I have ever had!


In K-1 art we looked at a reproduction of Van Gogh’s painting of Irises, and we talked about how the flowers looked very realistic,  compared to the abstract “recycled flowers” that the students made last week. (Check out the great “recycled flowers” on the bulletin board by the kindergarten room). The students learned how to draw a pot or vase with a line behind it so that it looks like it is sitting on a table. We also looked at a pot of real pansies, and the students made beautiful watercolor paintings of these flowers.


We have been learning two songs about cows, “Señora Vaca” and “La Vaca Lechera.” The class also loves to dance to a song about riding a stick horse, “A caballito de palo.” A good YouTube version can be found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lvgqbaxd3w0