Language Arts 

This week we read the fabulous book: Swimmy. This is a great story for introducing all the ocean life vocabulary as well as showing how groups can work together to accomplish big tasks.

We introduced the pronouns él – he and ella -she.  The class did a great job replacing names with the correct pronouns both orally and in writing.

Each students wrote in their journals about what they plan to do for spring vacation.  They are doing a wonderful job writing multiple sentences, using the correct punctuation, spacing, and capitals. They have officially graduated to multiple sentences.  What a great accomplishment!

Social Studies & Science

This week we wrapped up our Colonial Towns and Townspeople unit by learning about the house builders: bricklayers, masons, and carpenters.  We learned about the tools used by these tradespeople.  See if your child can explain the house building process using a chisel, mortar, and a trowel.  We had fun constructing our own homes.  

We learned about teachers in colonial times and identified characteristics of colonial common schools (multiple grade levels, one room schoolhouse, mostly boys).  We compared and contrasted common schools with today’s schools.

We also read a few stories about colonial times like “The Little Gray Pony”, “The Merry Wives” and “Stone Soup”.

This week we started our new unit: Taking Care of the Earth.  We were introduced to our Earth, learning about its composition: land, water, and air.  We learned about humans, plants and animals dependence on Earth’s land, water, and air to live.  We also learned about why we all have a special responsibility to take care of the Earth.


We completed the writing portion of our class book on measuring height with food.  This book will make the rotation.  Please have your child read the book to you and then return it the following day so it can be passed to the next family.

We completed our measurement unit with an assessment in which the students all did great!

We began our introduction to our next unit: Money. Our calendar pattern for the month of April is coins. The students will say the coin name, color, president, and value. We will be adding coins to our morning notebook after spring break.

Character Education

We used our character ed class this week to continue our class project: En equipo.  We have been working as a team to complete a mural for Earth Day.  The students keep remarking on how long it would take to complete this task if they weren’t working in a large group.  This mural has become the base for our new bulletin board and can be viewed in the hallway.  It will be fun to add to it throughout the month.


We reviewed butterfly facts again, and the students learned how to make a 3-D butterfly using construction paper. We worked on this step by step, and the students did a great job following directions, and gluing together the various parts. They were also very creative in the various decorations they added to their butterflies (circle, spirals, etc.). And the students knew that this butterfly was three dimensional, while last week’s butterfly picture was two dimensional. Great job everyone. Everyone have a great spring break!