Language Arts 

This week we continued out Wind unit with a  Gilberto y el viento and ¿Qué pasa cuando sopla el viento? (What happens when the wind blows?)

We continued with our antonym study with debajo – under, encima – over, delante – front, detrás – back.


We worked on different representations of number families, specifically focusing on our número entero. This number represents the largest number in our number families.  We always see it as the sum and then again as the first  in our subtraction equations.

We worked with using the number line to subtract. Counting backwards and using the number line are both subtraction methods I would like to see everyone using.

number lines k 1

Social Studies & Science

This week we continued our learning of Seasons and Weather.  We learned about the characteristics of summer and fall.  We discussed the weather, the clothes you wear, the environmental changes, and holidays.  See if your kiddo can describe some of the characteristics of both seasons.  We also learned how to use and read thermometers and talked about the different temperatures of each season.  Each student was able to use a thermometer in warm and cold water and read the difference.  We also read and tracked the outdoor temperature each day.  Using a globe, we demonstrated the reason we have four seasons (the Earth’s tilt).  If you have a globe at home, your child can show you this as well!


In preparation for our upcoming holiday on Monday, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, we read stories, discussed civil rights, and did an “I Have a Dream” project.  The project encouraged students to think of ways our world now could be changed for the better.

Like most weeks, we worked on our spelling word sorts, wrote in our journals, and added to and read in our “I Can Read” folders.  Keep up the reading at home!

Character Education

This week we had a class discussion of what Justice & Fairness mean. Justice is treating everyone fairly under established rules and laws. It definitely would not be fair if not everyone had to follow the classroom rules!

Fairness is treating all people with honesty and respect. It is giving everyone equal opportunities to succeed. It is cooperating with one another. It is celebrating the uniqueness and value of everyone. And it is making sure others are not treated badly.

Justice and fairness are important so that we can make sure everyone has a chance to succeed and to make our home, school, community and world a better place for all people.


The k-1 students did a great job using basic shapes to draw a picture of themselves wearing their winter coats and mittens. We talked about the photos of the students that Ms. Jill used for their snow globe project before Christmas, and how their drawings would be similar. The students used pencil and oil pastel to make these fun pictures.