This week we had a lot of fun with our De un lugar a otro theme. We read and sang El trencito cañero. 

Our learning objectives this week were to:

  • Identify when the letter C makes the /k/ sound and when it makes the /s/ sound.
  • Use the letters C, Q, Ch and G in class dictation.
  • Identify common and proper nouns.
  • Identify and change nouns from singular to plural.
  • Write a diary entry in their journal using three sentences to describe their day.


This week we completed our unit on Ordinal Numbers and Position and jumped right into our unit on Addition and Subtraction facts to 20.

Our objectives were to:

  • identify right (derecha) and left (izquierda)
  • use different addition strategies like doubles facts and doubles facts plus one to add 1-digit and 2-digit numbers.
  • read and write numbers 0-20 using: dice, tallies, tens-frames, doubles, and number words
  • identify place value of numbers 0-20


History & Geography

dramatization of our story

dramatization of our story

This week in our Early American Civilization unit we finished reading about the nomads and began learning about the Maya.  The class compared and contrasted the two groups of peoples.  On Friday we read a couple of books about Martin Luther King Jr., did a demonstration about equality, and worked on a craft and writing piece related to MLK’s  “I have a dream” speech.

Our objectives this week were to:
• locate the continents of Asia and North America on a world map
• understand that prehistoric Nomads followed the animals they hunted
• understand that the first people in North America arrive by crossing a land bridge between Asia and North America
• comparing contrast hunter gather societies in Mayan Society
• understand the importance of extended family to the Maya
• understand that the Maya farmed
• understand that a shift occurred from hunting and gathering to farming among early peoples
• identify Martin Luther King Jr and explain why we celebrate his life.


This this week in our science unit on matter we talked about liquid and solid.   The students did two investigations, one measuring mass of solid, the other looked at how liquid takes the shape of the container it is in. Friday. 20180109_112335_resized
Our objectives this week were to:

20180109_110705_resized• understand there are three forms of matter; solid, liquid, or gas
• understand that hey solid is the only form of matter that has a shape of its own
• identify that solid matter can be measured by mass
• understand that liquids take the shape of the container that they are in
• identified that liquid matter can be measured by mass and by volume

English Word Work

This week we got our new sorts for spelling.  Green group is working on e,i,o,u short vowel sounds in easy CVC words, blue group has blends cr, cl, fl, fr, and the red group is working on t, g, n, b beginning consonants.  Our word wall words this week: were, about, would, word, their, time, tell, than.  Our vocabulary words for the week were: retreat, weak, solid, mass, hurricane, harvest, equality.  In our journals we wrote about the proverb  “The more the merrier,” and how it related to our social studies readings for the week. We also wrote about Martin Luther King Jr and what our dream for the a better world means to us.20180109_092013_resized