Happy New Year!

Reading buddies with the 2nd/3rd graders!

Reading buddies with the 2nd/3rd graders!


This week we jumped right into our new Language Arts unit about travel.  In this unit we will read informational writing, realistic fiction, and poems.  These pieces are intended to offer the opportunity to learn about and experience transportation modes vicariously.  Students will have the opportunity to talk about their own travels and the travels of others.  We will learn more about familiar vehicles and to encounter a wide range of other, ore exotic, vehicles in which people travel in other parts of the world.

Our learning objectives this week were to:

  • make connections and predictions
  • classify and categorize: bicycles, fruits, ways to travel
  • identify sentences and capital letters
  • make lists (types of transportation, New Year’s goals)
  • identify proper nouns
Telling the position of students using ordinal numbers.

Telling the position of students using ordinal numbers.


This week we also began a new unit in math: Ordinal Numbers and Position.  Our goals in this first short week of the new year were to:

  • use ordinal numbers to tell order.
primero – first, segundo – second, tercero – third, cuarto – fourth, quinto- fifth, sexto – sixth, séptimo – seventh, octavo – eighth, noveno – ninth, décimo – tenth, último – last

20180105_105104_resized_2History & Geography

Nomad behavior

                        Nomad behavior

We have begun our next unit on early American civilization this week.  We read about nomads that crossed over from Asia to North America. We acted out what it would be like to be nomads and talked about some of the animals that they would have been hunting during that prehistoric time, such as woolly mammoths and giant buffalos .

Our objectives this week were to:
• locate the continents of Asia and North America on a world map
• understand that prehistoric Nomads followed the animals they hunted
• explain the importance of hunting among early peoples

Properties of matter

                 Properties of matter


This this week we began a new science unit on matter.  We learned that matter is what all things are made of. The students did an investigation on Friday. They observed how objects are alike and different. They thought of a way to classify the objects and then explained to classmates their rational for how they classified the objects.
Our objectives this week were to:

• understand there are three forms of matter; solid, liquid, or gas
• understand that matter takes up space
• identify that matter has certain properties
• explain that color, size, shape, and temperature  are properties of matter

English Word Work

Our word wall words this week were: they, these, ask, after.  Our vocabulary words for the week were: hunt, scent, and matter.  In our journals we wrote about our winter break. Due to the short week, we did not have any spelling words.

Word work

           Word work


Music with Ms. Erin
In January the Kindergarten and 1st grade class will be focusing primarily on singing and melody. We will:
– Learn how to recognize when a melody is moving up or down in pitch
– Learn land sing lyrics and melodies to songs such as Oh! Susanna, Skip to my Lou, There’s a Hole in the Bucket, and Take Me Out to the Ball Game.
– Strengthen understanding of Quarter, Half, and Whole Note rhythm counts by singing out the count of the notes