This week we completed our assessments and jumped into our new theme: El tiempo. In this new unit students will have the opportunity to investigate weather by observing, describing, and measuring it

Our learning objectives this week were to:

  • Record our daily observations of weather using date and time.
  • Create a weekly graph of our weather observations.
  • Write about the weather and our weather-related activities using descriptive adjectives.


This week we practiced our subtraction skills with new strategies. These might look to be more time-consuming, but they are meant to teach mental math strategies.  We break it down for the kiddos with manipulatives and on paper but then they start doing it in their head as they get more proficient.

We also introduced our Time unit in conjunction to our Weather unit in Language Arts.

Our objectives were to:

  • subtract 1-digit numbers from 2-digit numbers with and without grouping.
  • subtract using doubles facts of addition.


History & Geography

We worked on our civilization chart and did a review of the Maya and Aztec civilizations.  We read some trade books and revisited some of our favorite read a louds.  Next week we will begin our last ancient civilization, the Inca.

Our objectives this week were to:
• compare and contrast the two civilizations we have learned about
• understand that the Aztec and Maya had a religion, towns, and farming
• identify the area in which the Aztec and Maya lived



In our science unit our focus has continued to be on how matter changes and mixing matter. Next week we will be finishing this domain and beginning our Astronomy unit. On Monday this week, we reviewed how atoms behave in different states of matter and had fun using marshmallows to illustrate this. We also checked to see how our experiments from last week were coming along and if our predictions were correct.

Our Objectives were to:

• understand there are three forms of matter; solid, liquid, or gas
• understand that matter can change or be a mixture.
• explain that matter can change in different ways, some changes are  reversible and other changes are  irreversible
• measure matter and observe changes over time.

English Word Work

This week we continued to work on last weeks sorts for spelling.  Green group  had short vowel words with ending blends. Blue group reviewed “it”, “ot” and “at” word family words (they should have brought a copy of their sort home to work on), Red group had “at” word family words.
Word wall words were: land, love, all
Vocabulary words were: water vapor, ruins, legends