Spanish Language Arts

This week we finished reading Molly la valiente y yo and prepared to read out last story of the year Dragones y gigantes.Our objectives were:

  • recognize present tense verb inflections ending in -er and -ir
  • create a synonyms poster from words in Molly la valiente y yo
  • review correct capitalization of proper nouns
  • use the comprehension strategies making connections making predictions and visualizing during our first read
  • review and use the comprehension skill point of view during our second read

There is no spelling test!

Social studies with Ms. Marci

This week we continued our new unit on Frontier Explorers.  On Thursday we read about how Lewis and Clark discovered that they may not be able to accomplish one of their three tasks;  to find a direct water route to the Pacific Ocean.

How tall is a Grizzly Bear? About the length of two first graders stacked on to of each other.

How tall is a Grizzly Bear? About the length of two first graders stacked on to of each other.

Our objectives were to:

•  locate the Louisiana Territory, St. Louis, Missouri River, and the Rocky Mountains on a map

•  explain the reasons that Lewis and Clark went on their expedition

•  understand that there were many, many Native American tribes living in Louisiana Territory before the Lewis and Clark expedition

•  recall basic facts about Lewis and Clark’s encounters with Native Americans

•  explain why and how Sacagawea helped Lewis and Clark

Ms. Laura’s H&G group:IMG_2692

We continued our study of Civil Rights Leaders by learning about Rosa Parks and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  Next week, we finish up our unit by learning about Cesar Chavez.  On Tuesday, June 20th, we will review and have our assessment for this unit.  Just a final word about this year:  I have loved working with these bright and energetic students.  Every day was full of questions and answers and enthusiasm.  Thank you for the experience!


This week we finished our science domain on Simple Machines.  We read about and watched a short film on Elijah McCoy or the “Real McCoy” and how his invention of the Oil Cup revolutionized the locomotive.  We related this to friction and did an experiment with friction and oil.  We will be taking our simple machine assessments on Monday.20170613_111556_resized

Our objectives this week were to:
•  Students will understand the importance of Scientific Technology20170613_111611_resized

•  Identify Elijah McCoy as being instrumental in the invention of a machine to reduce friction

•  Understand that friction is produced when two surfaces are rubbed against one another and lubricants or rollers can reduce friction


We took our spelling test on Friday.  Our activity this week was rhyming words with our sorts.  These were due on Friday.

For handwriting we practiced with shape words.

Our idiom this week: “It’s a piece of cake”20170616_09070420170616_10160520170616_10421620170615_11205020170615_112038


This week in the red group, with Maestra Ivary, we finished out last math chapter! Using bar models in multiplication and division.

Our objectives were:

  • use bar models to solve real-world multiplication problems
  • write multiplication sentences to solve real-world problems
  • use bar models to solve division word problems
  • write division sentences to sove word problems


How many squares can you form with 20 sticks?

How many squares can you form with 20 sticks?

You can form 5 squares with 20 sticks. Here's our fact family!

You can form 5 squares with 20 sticks. Here’s our fact family!

This week in the orange group, with Maestra Sarah, we had a great time in our Multiplication Tables of 2, 5, 10, 3, and 4 units.  Our objectives were:

  • skip-count by 2s, 5s, 10s, 3s, and 4s
  • solve multiplication word problems
  • use dot paper to multiply by 2, 5, 10, 3, and 4
  • use known multiplication facts to find new multiplication facts
  • identify related multiplication facts