Language Arts 

This week week we discussed antonyms/antónimos. The kiddos had fun demonstrating the antonyms or opposites of adjectives such as big and small or verbs such as tie and untie.
We also talked about present tense verbs as in the verbs in our spelling list this week. On Monday we determined the correct pronoun usage for each verb and I was happy to see some pretty awesome spelling sentences on Thursday that demonstrated their understanding of noun/ verb agreement. We also discussed past tense verbs and practiced using them along with their correct pronouns as well as played some fun verb games!
We also continued writing the first paragraph of our fairy tales which was focused on describing the characters in our story. We also discussed the the structure of a paragraph.
Spelling/ortografía: Please write one sentence per spelling word, due Thursday.
lastimé – I hurt
corrió – he/she ran
buscó – he/she looked for
durmió – he/she slept
escuchó – he/she listened
llamé – I called
comieron – they ate
pensó – he/she thought
caminaron – they walked
cambiamos – they changed


This week we dove into our unit on money.  We reviewed the value of $1, $5, $10 and $20 bills. The kids lit up when I brought out our new set of school money (they thought it was real). We also practiced our coin counting and reviewed that 563 cents is the same as $5.63. We also learned that 9 cents can be written as $0.09 which gave some of the kiddos a run for their money because they wanted to write it as $0.9 and then discussed how we still have to put a 0 in the tens place. We talked about how a decimal point separates dollars/dólares and cents/centavos. Finally, on Friday we worked on story problems, using bar models as an aide to visualize how to solve the money problem.

Social Studies  

We are learning about key battles in the Civil War this week and taking a closer look at the leaders on both sides.  We have read about General Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee, contrasting and comparing both men’s character and military history.  We finished our chapter book on Abraham Lincoln and read and analyzed his Gettysburg address.  Student’s did two mapping activities involving the Civil War and it’s battles and got to examine actual bullets found in Gettysburg from the famous Civil War battle (my husband picked some up for us on a business trip last month).  On Friday we began looking at women in the war.  We learned about Clara Barton and read Nettie’s Trip South by Ann Turner;  a book based on the real diary of the author’s grandmother’s journey to the South and her observation of slavery.  Nettie’s story because it was “sad”.  She describes slavery as she saw it and how a slave auction actually made her physically ill.  Next week we will begin doing a biography activity involving key people we have learned about during this unit.


electricityThis week we are finishing our unit on Electricity.  We read a biography picture book about Thomas Edison and Juliette read a report that she did on her own time and shared her research on this famous American inventor with the class.  We watched two short biography videos on Nikola Tesla’s amazing life and then did a class Venn Diagram finding similarities and differences of Edison and Tesla. We did a static electricity experiment and watched “The Magic School Bus Gets Charged” episode.  We took our Electricity assessment on Friday.  Next week we begin Simple Machines.

English Spelling/Writing

We are using our Thesaurus in writing this week, collecting words that we will put to use next week in a special writing assignment.  Spelling practice was writing our words three times and underlining vowel patterns, as well as sorting and a practice test.  I’ve been reading through everyone’s journal and making comments so they haven’t been writing in them this week. I’m enjoying reading about what everyone has to say.



The 1-2 class finished their clay sculptures this week, painting in details with acrylic paint. Their turtle pinch pots turned out great – I wrapped them in plastic berry boxes to take home, so hopefully you have seen these great little sculptures! The other clay pieces will come home next week.


By popular demand, we did a reprise playing of the online game which allows us to “direct” a performance of Engelbert Humperdinck’s opera, “Hansel and Gretel.” To play it at home, it can be found at:

Character Education

This week in Character Education we had a class discussion about the importance of being kind. We talked about how we feel when people are unkind to us, what unkindness looks and sounds like, how facial expressions and body language also send a message, and how we can work on being more self aware.  I have asked each student in this class to complete the worksheet: A Snapshot of Me. This is something I would like them to take the time to reflect on and really spend some time with.  This is not something they will be sharing with their classmates.  This is for them and if they’d like to share it with me or you it is up to them.

We also talked about how we can use our words to talk to someone who is being unkind.  We all have the power to stand up for ourselves in a kind, constructive way. “You are being rude!” is not usually well received.  “The way you said that to me is making me feel bad.  Could we start over?” or something along those lines would be a better alternative.