Language Arts

This week we read a story called “La casa de la mariposa” the story told about the relationship between a girl and her grandfather while showing that people can be kind to animals and plants around them. The kiddos shared how they had shown kindness to nature.

We also talked about comprehension strategies such as visualizing ourselves in the story, reviewing the sequence in a story and the authors point of view. We discussed how these concepts can help us to better understand a story.

We learned new suffixes -izo and -uzco for example blanco(white)+uzco is blancuzco or whitish.  Also, pasar(to pass) + izo is pasadizo or passage way.

We also learned how to make words ending in z into a plural. The word lápiz changes to lápices when in its plural form.

We also discussed the importance of using details in our writing to make it more interesting. This will be helpful when we begin writing our expository paragraphs next week.


In math we learned how to use our bar models to solve two step word problems. The kiddos were able to work on various problems while working in small groups.


Social Studies

We visited our favorite BBC site this week and played games, looked at photos of artifacts, and listened to Greek music.  If they have a chance over the weekend and with your permission; I encouraged the students to visit this website to do some more exploring on their own.  It is  This week we learned about life in the city-states of Athens and Sparta, comparing and contrasting what it was like for boys and girls.  We also learned about the Olympic games and the Persian Wars.   We are having a Greek day on Friday, Jan. 23, this will be our culminating activity for this Ancient Greek unit. I’m sure by now your child has come home and informed you that they have to make 13 (or 14) Ancient Greek items for class.    Students will be trading these items in our “Agora” (Greek market place) on Greek day.  We will be doing all kinds of fun activities on this day, I look forward to sharing them with you next week. I promise to take pictures.  If your child has a Greek costume of some kind, I would love for them to wear it on that Friday.


We played Jeopardy with our new buzzers (very exciting!) this week in order to prepare for our Insect domain assessment.  The students over all did great on the test.  Many of them earned bonus points for adding extra information.  We continue to work on and finish up our bug reports.  Look for your child’s as they go up in the hall and around the classroom.  Our next unit will begin the week of Jan. 26 and will focus on the human body.



In 1-2 art, we talked about Ancient Greece, and looked at photos of the Parthenon and the sculpture The Discus Thrower. We also discussed the Olympic Games and how the ancient Greeks revered athletic skills. Then the students chose a sporting event or activity, and used construction paper to create a figure running, or dancing, or fencing, etc. These “action figures” look great so far, and we will finish them next week.

English Spelling/Writing

This week in spelling students made pictures out of their spelling words, practiced identifying different vowel patterns and sorted. Journal writing was free choice, though some students chose to write about the suggested topic of comparing what Ancient Greek life was like for girls and boys.