Language Arts

This week we had a question of the day or pregunta del día. With this activity the children had a chance to write in their journals about their favorite gift or activity that they received or enjoyed over the holiday. They also had a chance to write  about what their understanding of the Spanish celebration of the Three Kings Day is. Afterwards we watched a video about the Holiday and completed a fun worksheet. Finally, we ate a special sweet bread where three kiddo’s found the baby Jesus hidden in their piece of bread as is traditional in the celebration and then got to pick out a special prize.


We read a story this week called La grulla de papel or The Paper Crane. We discussed that even though this story has attributes of a folk tale or cuento popular, it was a modern fiction. We learned about cause and effect and how understanding aspects of cause and effect in a story can be a good comprehension strategy for understanding a story. Have your kiddo give you an example. To wrap up the week, Since the story was about an origami crane, we looked at different types of origami and made our own.



I’m so proud of how well the kids did with reading their Spanish readers over the Holiday. Some passed three books this week already. Please continue to encourage  your kiddo to read aloud to you or a sibling and to look up any words that they don’t understand in the dictionary or Google translate.


Spelling/Ortografía: palabras con /h/: Please have your child choose 5 words and use them in a sentence. Due Thursday 1/15

hueco- hole hielo- ice hierba- grass

hueso- bone hiena- hyena

hiato- a break between two vowels coming together but not in the same syllable as in leer

huele- smells huevo- egg huir- flee

hierro- iron



This week we continued learning about Bar Models in word problems. The kiddos worked with adding and taking away sets represented by bar models and bar models used in comparing sets in addition and subtraction. We discussed some clues that we might look for to decide whether to add or subtract in a word problem. We played a game a few times this week where the kiddos made up their own word problem by choosing the people, places and items in the sets and then solving the problem by using a bar model.

Social Studies

It’s all Greek to us this week in Social Studies.  We were introduced to five more Greek Gods.  We located Athens, Sparta, Mount Olympus, and Troy on our maps.  We worked on a mini Greek book and wrote notes on key points in our reading along with supporting details.  We learned about the Trojan war and the “Face that sailed a 1000 ships” as well as the Trojan Horse.  We also learned about Athena’s important  relationship to Athens and Athenian democracy.  Some students even got a chance to debate in class using a Water Clock like the Greeks use to.  There will be more opportunity for this during our cumulative Ancient Greece activity day.



Our bug reports are coming along nicely.  I was really impressed with how hard students worked on finding information out over the break and how proud  they were of their work.  I am giving extra credit on the final report for what they did outside of class.  We are finishing up our unit on insects this week and then will do our domain review and assessment on Monday and Tuesday.    We learned about beetles, the “armored tanks” of the insect world (some of the boys were very excited about this idea )  and we also learned how bugs can be viewed as friend or foe to humans.

Character Education

This week we brainstormed our end of the performance.  We  worked with other classes, modeling correct group behavior and cooperation.  We also talked about writing thank you notes.  I asked the students to think of, not a physical gift, but an activity they were thankful for.  They then wrote thank their you notes.  Often times it’s the things we do with loved ones that matter most.


English Spelling/Writing

We have some changes in our Spelling groups this week and moving forward.  A few people have changed groups and everyone moved up in the sort number list.  Students have been working on sorting by spelling patterns and by alphabetic order.  In journal writing we have incorporated some social studies; students wrote about which mythical Greek God could be their ancestor and why.  The class also had a chance to work on their informative writing skills while doing their bug book reports.


The students looked at books and pictures of the various insects they are studying. We reviewed some of the insect terminology and then the students made drawings of the insect for their reports. Some students had time to add a background of the insect’s habitat. Some of the students are writing about fireflies so I explained to them how beautiful this insect is on a summer night in the south 🙂