Language Arts

This week we spent time reviewing the structure of a paragraph. We talked about topic sentences and how it’s important for the rest of our paragraph to talk about what the topic sentence introduces.

We began working on our expository writing. We started by writing a piece that explains how to do something. Some of the kiddos wrote about how to make a sandwich while others wrote about how to prepare an ice cream cone. We used fun graphic organizers to help organize our paragraphs that looked like hamburgers and ice cream cones that the kids loved! We then started writing our rough drafts.


This week we reviewed our chapter on bar models. We worked independently and in groups on practice problems. We also worked on relating our bar models to number bonds. We finished up the week by working on ThinkCentral.


Social Studies

We read about the great thinkers of Ancient Greece (Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle) and how their philosophies and teaching styles differed.   We also read about the life of Alexander the Great this week.  The class took their unit assessment and did fabulously.  I was particularly pleased with the written portion of the exam comparing life of a Spartan to that of an Athenian.   As I’m sure you are well aware, our Greek Day has been moved to this Monday.  Students need to bring in their 13 items to trade at the Agora, and have their Greek assembly arguments ready if they will be debating.  Our debate topics will be “Should we go outside for recess when it is raining?”(Pro: Luke, Rafa, Evan, and Con: Lily, Julian, Nathaniel) and “Should pets be allowed at school?” (Pro: Mimi, Sophie, Lucy, Hazel,and  Con: Juliette, Max, Jack).   Students will have approximately 45 sec. on the water clock to present their argument. Then the whole class will vote.   On Friday we performed our Aesop plays for the Kindergartners and we began our next unit on the United States Constitution.  We started off by reviewing what was going on in the country right after the Revolutionary war.  I can already tell by our class discussions that students have a great deal of background knowledge on this subject.


We have completed  our bug reports!  I was very pleased with this whole process.  Student’s did a great job of researching their insect and working with a partner, taking notes, writing up their first draft and editing it, and finally filling in their bug template with their found information.  These reports are hanging up on and around our classroom door.  On Friday we celebrated the end of our insect domain by watching The Magic School bus “Ants” and “Beehive” episodes.  Next week we begin the next science domain on the human body and its systems.


Character Education

We had a brief discussion of new things the students had learned, since the last class, about Martin Luther King Jr. We then read and discussed two short stories that highlight fairness.  This class has a very strong sense of justice and is always willing to relate our theme to their own experiences!


English Spelling/Writing

This week in spelling students didn’t have very much time to study their words due to the short week and the fact that we used this time to practice our Aesop Fable plays.  Despite the shortened practice time, most students did very well on the their spelling test – many were able to get full credit by correctly spelling bonus words.  Next weeks words were sent home on Friday.  Our class goal is for everyone to get 100% on both their Spanish and English spelling test next week to earn a “Backwards” day party.  So remind your child to study their words this upcoming week.


The 1-2 students finished their “action figures” this week, using construction paper shapes to create dancers, swimmers, ice skaters, sailors, runners and other athletes. They did an excellent job showing movement, proportion, and background details. After the collages were finished, the students learned how to make crayon rubbings on top of their figures to create additional pictures. Check out their artwork on the bulletin board by the office!