The immersion preschool program at Spanish With Sarah is taught 100% in Spanish. We offer the flexibility of two,

Dental health is important!

Dental health is important!

three, or five day options.  Students may also be enrolled in a full-day program three days a week. Class enrollment is not age based. We strongly believe in multi-level classes, as this provides the wonderful opportunity to learn from our peers. Peers who are setting the example benefit from being the leader, making their learning more concrete and well-rounded.

Students are engaged through a language rich activity-based curriculum that recognizes and accommodates the different developmental rates and interests of each student.

Exploring the water cycle.

Exploring the water cycle.


The Core Knowledge Preschool Curriculum ( aims to instill a sense of excitement and wonder about the world, to nurture a love of learning and build positive self esteem.  We immerse our young learners in language rich experiences which enable them to explore, question, think creatively, problem solve, develop planning skills, and understand cause and effect.  We also build on emerging literacy and numeracy skills and work to consolidate and extend the abilities and skills of every students.

Our preschool students are an integral part of the wider school community and participate in events such as the end of the year school program, Christmas concerts, and special assemblies.  Pre-kindergarten students visit and participate in Kindergarten classes to become familiar with the next step in their educational journey.

Our commitment is to bring together each student, their family and the school in a co-operative and supportive partnership, working towards a year of fulfillment and growth at each level.


3-day AM Preschool           8:45-11:30      Monday/ Wednesday / Friday
2-day AM Preschool           8:45-11:30      Tuesday / Thursday
3-day PM Preschool         12:30-3:15        Monday / Wednesday / Friday

Tuition: 3-day classes are $260/month          2-day classes are $200/month

There is a one-time preschool supply fee of $200. This supply fee covers all classroom supplies, snacks, and field trips for the school year.

Daily Routine

Having a predictable daily routine is very important in the preschool immersion classroom. The activities within the routine will change but the structure of the day remains consistent for our students.

  • 15 Minutes arrival time and free choice
  • Clean up song
  • Circle time: Buenos días song, days of the week song, counting the date, calendar patterns, weather song, dress the bear song
  • Class bathroom break
  • Story / book of the week
  • Project and/or activity
  • Snack (usually a fruit or a vegetable)
  • Play time (outside if it’s not raining)
  • Letter of the week activity
  • Closing songs




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