Language Arts 

In Literacy, we did a great amount amount of word work this week. We introduced our new spelling list,  as well as the vocabulary for our new listening selection. In spelling we are working on palabras graves and learning the rules of when to write tilde over the vowel on the the stressed syllable (second to last in this case). As usual, students generate the sentences for our spelling quiz, which we will have on Tuesday next week. Please make sure your child reads and practices writing our spelling sentences.  We continued to do word structure analysis, focusing on identifying prefixes. Being able to identify prefixes is a crucial strategy for students to increase their word bank. They are fairly easy to identify as many of them follow similar English patterns: telecomunicacion, desconectado, atípico.
We had another successful week during our book club. Students did a fantastic job, not only staying on track with our reading calendar, but also, maintaining excellent records of our reading. During our discussions we focused particularly on two thinking strategies: making connections and inferences. Con cariño Amalia had a surprisingly sad twist this week. Students are applying metacognitive skills, in order to understand and explain the feelings and emotions of the characters in the story. This week students are supposed to be finished with chapter 11. They do not need to continue reading ahead during the weekend, but re read previous chapters and clarify questions (connect the dots) they might have. They were also asked to read the questions on page 130 so they can be ready for our class discussions next week.
One of the most significant ways to show and understand different cultures is through food. Please consider making one of the recipes shared in the book. I will be making flan de coco this weekend! Yum!


Students started a new chapter on double-digit multiplication this week. For many this is a review, though it is always good practice to remember each of the steps involved before moving on to bigger factors and products!

Social Studies  

In History this week we were very hard at work researching and writing about three MesoAmerican civilizations: Maya, Aztec, and Inca. It was great to see such hard workers actively engaged in their research and recording of findings. The reports will be due on Tuesday and we will spend time in class on Monday giving them a finishing touch. I’m so excited to see the results!

image2 (5)Science

 During our investigation this week, students were asked to collaboratively design a method to separate a mixture of solids. Students had to create a plan together and then execute it, to corroborate their predictions.  Students needed to have a clear understanding of the properties of the solids, as well as the use of appropriate tools. We have finished our first science investigation: Separating Mixtures. We will spend the first part of next week debriefing and finishing our first investigation summary.  We will then get ready for our second investigation: Reaching Saturation.

ArtIMG_6763 (1)

The 4th and 5th graders used crayon and watercolors to paint pictures of autumn leaves. They learned how to wet the watercolor paper first and then dab in paint and let the colors blend together. They also sprinkled salt on the wet paint to add texture. We talked about how watercolor is a transparent medium, as opposed to opaque acrylics or tempera. These Fabulous Fall Foliage paintings are on the wall by their classroom.


Continuing our water songs theme from last week, Sr. Kit talked about the WAter Purification Instruments he will be taking to Cuba, and how they allow for pasteurization, saving huge amounts of fuel. We then brainstormed some song ideas for promoting the WAPIs to folks who don’t otherwise have access to uncontaminated water.