Maddie and Sophie testing one of our spelling games.


Objectives in Literacy this:

  • Summarize, compare and contrast multiple texts.
  • Discuss the importance and apply the concept of using multiple sources when doing research on a topic.
  • Analyze culture and media to express an opinion.
  • Establish a parallel between narrative and expository writing that talk about the same subject/theme.
  • Produce a Halloween piece of their choice (expository or fiction).
  • Understand and apply the concepts of grammar, usage and mechanics in context providing examples in both orally and written form.



Students using different tools and sources to do research on a topic.



This week in science we discussed some fundamental concepts of physics. In connection to our ongoing  solar system investigation, we talked about Isaac Newton, who helped develop some of the fundamentals of modern physics. We talk out the laws of motion and key vocabulary such as motion, force, mass, velocity, speed, gravity, orbit.

History & Geography

img_1169.jpg img_1171.jpg img_1168.jpgThis week we finished up our Renaissance unit. Our unit test will be on Monday! Our objectives were:

  • Students will look critically at art from the Renaissance and discuss the differences from Italian Renaissance Art
  • students will review Renaissance artists by taking the Renaissance Art Challenge
  • students will discover and listen to music from the Renaissance
  • students will critically read and discuss The Adventure of Don Quixote
  • students will learn about William Shakespeare and act out a portion of A Midsummer Night’s Dream


This week we continued working on adding and subtracting fractions. Our objectives were:

  • express fractions, division expressions, and mixed numbers as decimals
  • add and subtract mixed numbers with or without renaming
  • estimate sums and differences of mixed numbers

We also played a fun an adding and subtracting mixed numbers scavenger hunt on Halloween!

English Word Work

This week finished our rotation and began a new one. Our rotation days were:

  • Writer’s Workshop: Students completed a writing piece where they were tasked to sell a Haunted House
  • Blind Sort Test: Students tested each other on their spelling using the Blind Sort method.
  • Word Search: Students received a word search with their new spelling words. They were tasked with finding and sorting their new words.
  • Teacher Meeting: I met with each student to discuss and clarify their new sort.

Make sure to take a look at the awesome Haunted House writing pieces on the bulletin board!