History & Geography

This week we continued working with the constitution. Our objectives were:

  • Understand how the founding fathers decided to deal with the problem of representation
  • understand The Great Compromise and The Three-Fifths Compromise
  • Understand why the Bill of Rights was added and what freedoms each amendment protects
  • Deepen understanding of the Bill of Rights by explaining completing the Bill of Rights Detective book


This week we continued working with multiplying fractions. We also began dividing fractions as well. Our objectives were:

  • Multiply a mixed number by a whole number
  • Solve real-world problems involving multiplication of whole numbers and mixed numbers
  • Divide a fraction by a whole number

English Word Work

This week we finished our rotation and just began our last rotation before winter break. Our rotation days were:

  • Writer’s Workshop: Students were able to edit/revise a writing piece they had already been working on, begin a new writing piece, or share their past writing with the class
  • Blind Sort Test: Students tested each other on their spelling using the Blind Sort method.
  • Word Search: Students received a word search with their new spelling words. They were tasked with finding and sorting their new words.

Our next spelling test will be on Monday, December 18th!