Literatura y Ciencias

This week in literacy, students read and listened to the expository piece – El misterio de marte. This was a great opportunity to use this piece as a mentor text to illustrate the expectations for our science report, besides being a fascinating story about the red planet.

In connection to science, students started working on their science report. Students received a rubric and a calendar that stated the expectations for the project. This project will be done in class, although, to make it more complete, students are welcome to work on it at home. These are some of the expectations for the project:

  • Students identify an area of interest they want to do their research project on, in relation to our unit: The universe.
  • Students formulate a question to investigate about the topic at hand.
  • Students go through the writing process to produce an expository piece to inform.
  • Students are expected to research and cross-check different sources of information.
  • Students understand the format of the report: introduction, body, and conclusion (four paragraphs as a minimum).
  • Students may include non-fiction features such as photographs, diagrams, tables, captions, etc (three non-fiction text features as maximum).
  • With the help of an adult, students are required to submit their report electronically, as a word document, via email by December 12th. Please note maestra Paola’s email-
  • Students are expected to read and present their report to the class on December 13th or December 14th. We are still discussing whether we will open these presentations to the public – families and community members.

We will continue to work on our report next week. I have already conferenced with some students and they are ready to work on their final piece. Feel free to message me or stop by at any time, should you have any questions.


What is Air? What is Earth Atmosphere?

This week, students took a close look at the air surrounding us. They explored the properties of air by working with syringes and tubes to discover that air takes up space and is compressible. Students discussed evidence that air is matter and has mass. After that, we went on to discuss the idea that Earth is surrounded by layers of gasses that have very particular properties. This is called Earth’s atmosphere. We learned the science vocabulary and used precise language to understand these concepts.   Using diagrams, photos from space, and reading, we concluded that the atmosphere is a mixture of gases with properties that change with distance above Earth’s surface. We enjoy so much our science class and our meaningful and interesting discussions! These bullet points summarize some of the concepts seen during science:

  • Air is a mixture of gases held by gravity near Earth’s surface.
  • Air has mass, takes up space, and is compressible.
  • Most of Earth’s air resides in the troposphere, the layer of the atmosphere closer to Earth’s surface.
  • Weather happens in the troposphere.

Next week we will be taking a closer look at the troposphere and the weather. Students were assigned to see/read the weather report this weekend. They are encouraged to get familiarized with weather vocabulary in terms of its variables: temperature, humidity, precipitation, wind, and air pressure.


History & Geography


Preamble Relay Race!

This week we began working on The Constitution! We are also learning about American Reformers during out Person of the Week time. Out objectives were:

  •  List the shortcomings of the Articles of Confederation as set forth by their critics.
  • Understand in “modern language” the preamble
  • create a Preamble mini book that explains the Preamble in the student’s own words
  • understand the three branches of government and their duties as well as the system of checks and balance
  • Students will demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the Three Branches of Government and the System of Checks and Balances by completing two mini-projects

Person of the Week: The reformers who took part in the Temperance Movement



Great job showing your work!

This week we began multiplying fractions! Our objectives were:

  • multiply proper fractions
  • solve real-world problems involving multiplication of proper fractions
  • Multiply improper fractions by proper fractions and improper fractions

English Word Work


Using the Chrome Books for Spelling City!

This week began our rotation again. Our rotation days were:

  • Word Search: Students received a word search with their new spelling words. They were tasked with finding and sorting their new words.
  • Teacher Meeting: I met with each student to discuss and clarify their new sort.
  • Vocabulary day: Students dug through Martin Luther’s 95 Theses to find words to add to our word wall. The words we found were remit and mortifications
  • Spelling City: Students had a chance to work on computer skills as well as spelling on  If your kiddo would like to work on spelling city at home they can follow this link

Our spelling test will be on Tuesday December 5!

Students will also be presenting their book reports on Monday starting at 2:40 pm. Each presentation should be 2-3 minutes long. They will be presenting in this order:

1. Luke

2. Juliette

3. Tamra


5. Rafa

6. Sophia

7. Lily

8. Sophie

9. Hazel

10. Jack


CHARACTER ED with Ms. Jennie: 

Giving Tree update: Thank you to all of you who have purchased gifts for Share’s Giving Tree this year! We have just one more week to get our gifts in. All unwrapped gifts are due back to school on this Thursday, December 7th. If you do forget for some reason, you could also bring them to school on conference day – Friday the 8th. I will be taking all the gifts to Share on Mondaymorning.
December theme for character ed this month is Positive Thinking! We read a wonderful book called Perfect Square last week where a square gets cut, hole punched, ripped, crumpled, etc. and instead of becoming negative about these “challenging circumstances” it decides to transform itself into new, wonderful things like a bubbling fountain or a beautiful landscape. We are constructing our own “square art” and these will be displayed at the end of the hallway. We will also read one more book this month entitled Last Stop on Market Street, which is about a grandma teaching her grandson to look around and see the beauty in everyday things, even things that might be seen as unfortunate or ugly. Check out our bulletin board for the quotes and poems of the month!
Music with Ms. Erin
What we did in November:
– Learned how to write a song with guitar chord progressions, lyrics, melody and harmony
– Learned more about Ludwig Van Beethoven, and listened to his Symphony No. 5 and Moonlight Sonata while analyzing the music
– Learned about Sharps and Flats, and how they alter notes and melodies
– Learned rhythmic syncopation, and how to emphasize syncopated beats
Plans for December include:
– Listen to Handel’s Messiah
– Learn how to play Jingle Bells on the recorder in the key of G Major
– Learn vocal ranges, and identify each student’s vocal range
– Work on part singing skills using Hark! the Herald Angels Sing vocal score
– Learn Hanukkah song ‘Sevivon, Sov, Sov, Sov’
Sing Scottish New Years song ‘Auld Lang Syne’ with piano accompaniment