What a fun week! When we were not doing Valentine’s Day art, crafts and creative writing or playing 100 days of school games, we did have a chance to introduce our last project of this unit!

This week we started to wrap up our unit El nacimiento de una nacion.  Working in small groups, students are puting into practice the reading comprehension strategies and skills we have learned.  Each group was assigned a reading selection (expository piece), along with a rubric that states the expectations. They will have several days to work on the different pieces of the project. Students will present their final project to the rest of the class next week. Reading selections assigned: Dia mundial de la independencia , ¡Silencio! Estamos escribiendo la constitución.

Congratulations to all our students for doing such a fantastic job on their Revolucion Estadounidense writing project and presentations! It is going to be really hard to top this!



We have multiple on-going investigations in our 4/5 grade class.

  • This week we observed our composting containers. We made sure we checked how our decomposers are doing.
  • Plant nutrition was the main focus this week. We spent the week reading some non-fiction literature about the topic. After that, we had a small comprehension quiz to check for understanding of the concepts. Lastly, we checked our plants to find some evidence of the photosynthesis process. We had some interesting findings. The conditions of the environment that the plant were, made an impact in their development. Ask your child to tell you about the production of chlorophyll ( green pigment)and how plants get their nutrients.
  • We were so excited to find that our painted lady butterflies were in the chrysalis stage!



History & Geography

This week we continued studying Early Russia.

Our objectives were:

  • Describe what Ivan IV was like and why and explain how he built an empire
  • Summarize how Ivan IV ruled.
  • Summarize what Peter the Great was like and describe his goals for Russia.
  • Summarize how Catherine the Great became ruler of Russia.
  • Describe Catherine the Great’s policy on serfdom.
  •  Identify what Catherine the Great did for Russia.


This week we completed a Valentine’s themed ratio project and celebrated the 100th Day of School!

Our objectives were:

  • demonstrate an understanding of ratios by creating Mondrian inspired art and labeling the ratios within the art
  • have fun celebrating the 100th day of school by completing is STEM activities and a 100th-day math review packet

English Word Work

This week we completed our rotation!

Our rotation days were:

  • Vocabulary Day: This week our lesson was about compound words. The vocabulary words we will be adding to our wall are
  • Writer’s Workshop: This week students could choose between writing on our prompt (you find a mysterious door with a key what happens next?), revising past writing, or reading their writing to a classmate.
  • Blind Sort Test: Students tested each other on their spelling using the Blind Sort method.

There is no spelling homework due next week!