This week we read two stories! The first story we read was Compañeros de equipo, the second was La leyenda de Damón y Pitias. Our objectives were:

  • use comprehension strategies such as clarifying predicting and summarizing to construct meaning from the text while reading Compañeros de equipo
  • use the comprehension skill main idea and details to create Main Idea and Details Spiders as they read the story the second time
  • use comprehension strategies such as self-questioning, clarifying, and summarizing to construct meaning from the text while reading La leyenda de Damón y Pitias
  • define our new spelling words

Because of the field trip next Thursday we will be having our spelling test on Friday!



Playing some subtraction games!


Working together on subtraction!

This week we finished our unit on subtracting numbers up to 10,000. Our objectives were:

  • Use base-ten blocks to subtract with and without regrouping
  • Use base-ten blocks to subtract across zeros
  • Write subtraction number sentences
  • Solve subtraction word problems

Students did a great job on their test! Next week we will begin Using Bar Models in Addition and Subtraction.

History & Geography

Social studies with Ms. Marci20171020_145648_resized
This week we dive deeper into our Ancient Roman Civilization unit. In our journals we wrote a legend after hearing the legend of Romulus and Remus. We have also begun thinking about what we want to include in our lap book for this unit.

Our objectives were to:
•  identify and locate on a map the following: the Mediterranean Sea, Italy, Rome, and the Tiber River
•  locate the approximate area where the ancient Roman civilization began
•  Identify some of the contributions of the ancient Roman civilization, and describe how they have influenced the present
•  explain that most ancient Romans worshipped many gods and goddesses
•  describe the religion and mythology of ancient Rome as similar to that of ancient Greece
•  retail the legend of Romulus and Remus, and explain that this Legend is believed to tell the story of the foundation of Rome
• explain the importance of the Tiber River to the ancient Romans

IMG_2836Social Studies with Ms. Laura

We heard a Buddhist Jataka tale (a fable) and talked about its lesson.  We then compared it to the familiar story, ‘Chicken Little’.  After we acted out the Buddhist tale for the K/1 class, with our handmade stick puppets, and we listened to a second Buddhist Jatake tale and discussed its lesson.  We learned about King Asoka, whose life was changed when he met a Buddhist monk.

On Tuesday, October 24th, we will complete the Ancient India unit with a review of all lessons and topics covered, a unit assessment and a costume party (dress like a person from Ancient India)!  Students may bring outfits to school and change during the first part of class or they may dress up in the clothes and jewelry we have in the classroom.


This week in our Animal Classification domain we learned about bird’s beaks and how the shape of their beaks helps scientist identify bird’s feeding habits.  We had fun doing an experiment about habits beaks.  On Friday we began reading about mammals.

Our objectives this week were to:20171020_133029_resized

•  observe and describe basic characteristics of an animal
•  explain that scientists classify animals by common or shared characteristics.
•  identify fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals as groups of vertebrates
•  identify basic characteristics of mammals
•  classify particular animals as mammals
•  compare and contrast two groups of warm-blooded animals20171020_132703_resized

English Word Work

We took our spelling test on Friday. We did a lot of practice with a partner on Thursday to get ready for our test.   In grammar this week we worked on sentence structure, focusing on the predicate.

Just a reminder that we will have our field trip to the Bonneville Dam Visitor Center on Thursday at 9:45. Students should bring a brown bag lunch.

Apparently a little bird told that my birthday was this week. I felt very showered by love from everyone!  Thank you so much!! ~Ms.Marcie