Language Arts 

This week the students received book #18. They should re-read this book until they can read it smoothly and fluently with intonation. They have a worksheet to accompany this book, which will give them extra practice identifying adjectives and verbs. This worksheet is due on Tuesday.

This week for our grammar study we worked with word families, cause and effect, and subjects & predicates.  Next week everyone will be asked to look at their own writing. This was an effective method for some to realize they needed to work on their sentence structure.

We also read a great story. Please ask your child about the Alexander story from class.  It was so much fun to read with all your very engaged children.  They are fantastic!!



Our math objectives this week were to:

  • review how to compare and order fractions.
  • review how to show fractions as points or distances on a number line.
  • compare and order fractions using benchmark fractions.
  • add two or three fractions with sums to 1.
  • subtract a like fraction from another like fraction or one whole.
  • read, write, and identify fractions of a set.
  • find the number of items in a fraction of a set.

Social Studies  

We began this week by reviewing our Native American unit.  We played a coupl,e of games,  Jeopardy and answer the riddles, to review what we’ve learned so far. The class also did a reading packet and answered some questions to help them prepare for the assessment. On Thursday we took the assessment and corrected it in class. Over all the class did wonderful!  On Friday the everyone had some time to work on their Tic-Tac-Toe Native American projects. I will give them some time next week also to work on these in class but the rest of the work should be done at home. The projects are due on Thursday the 17th and will be part of our culminating Native American day.

20160311_113439_resized (1)Science

We reviewed the Big Bang Theory on Monday  and I did a demonstration with the class using a balloon to show how the big bang would have worked. On Tuesday we took a virtual trip to Mars and we read a trade book on space. Thursday we started a lesson on Nicolaus Copernicus and we practiced our poem about space. On Friday the class began to do another space art project which you will see next week in the Hall. If you have time make sure you get a chance to read some of our space poems on the door, the class did a wonderful job with these. We definitely have some poets in our room.

English Spelling/Writing

This week for spelling we have done lots of activities, the classes particularly enjoying creating word searches and having someone else solve them. Our grammar review has been working on prepositions and prepositional phrases. For writing the class worked in their journals and wrote about their favorite native American group and why.  Some students also worked on there space sonnet while others worked on their Native American Tic -Tac – Toe projects.


The 2nd and 3rd graders learned how to make a clay coil pot in art this week. This ties in with their study of Native Americans, since all tribes made various forms of pottery. They made 2 small coil pots which will dry for a week, and then we’ll paint the pottery next week.


We used today’s “Google doodle” to learn a bit about the history of the world’s first electronic musical instrument, the theramin, and it’s most famous exponent, Clara Rockmore, whose 105th birthday would have been today. We also learned the song Simple Gifts, both singing it and playing it on the Google theramin.

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